Men who put their trust in God shall be guided into his truth. They shall not walk in disarray, nor shall the ememy trample over them. Though they may be burden by the hands of the enemy, the LORD will free them from bondage. He will lift them up to the gates of righteousness. He will put into their hearts a new song, a song of glory and of hope. He will be their God, no matter the cause. He will remember them, how they turned to him and honour him. They stand in the midst of the heathen and they glorify him. The LORD is my God. He shall make my way to prosper and favour me with gladness. Peace shall encroach my heart and my soul shall dwell in the hope of the living God. O LORD, I lift thee up; for thou art truly my God. Let the heavens open up, my God; for I am eager to glorify my righteous and loving God. Let my blessings pour upon you, my God. Let them be so vast a glory before thee, then shall I rejoice in my God. Let the heavens lift up my God; let them magnify his glory. Let the whole earth stand up with adoration for the most High God. O LORD, let the rivers rage with thy glory and bless the LORD. Let them sway to and fro with the joys of thy hand. Let the hills jump for joy like the hill of Bashan and let them praise the LORD. Let the lillies of the valleys array with beauty and bless the LORD. Let every living thing bless the LORD. O ye mountains that stand up with the strength of my God, bless the LORD. O people of nations, delight  in the LORD. Lift up holy hands and bless my God. Father of righteousness and truth, let your glory be magnified without measure. Let us remember thy goodness and mercies and exalt thy name. Let our blessings be a multitude before you; that you will say, My people think of me and they rejoice in the blessings of the LORD. O gracious God, I have seen your works. O how they delight my heart. I am in awe with thy greatness. O how thy beauty has come before me. O Father, because you make haste to come when I called you, I will offer thanksgiving and bless thy name and lift up thy glory in all the land. My God shall be put on High and every living soul shall know that thou art the great and mighty God. This shall be a testament of thy glory. The hope of righteousness shall prevail. Glory shall abound by the hand of my God. It shall abound before all nations and all gods. The dwelling place of my God shall rise up with vigor and strength. And those who stand up against my God and reject his glory shall feel his wrath. The LORD is magnified. My God is praised. The perfection of beauty and glory shall rest upon my God. Truth shall encroach him and it shall not go away. The LORD is blessed; He is the eternal truth for all generations. O, the power and the glory of God, who can stand before it? O glory, O glory, my God, as I lift up my hand in adoration let thy glory be magnified before thee. Let the blessings of my God be so great a blessing that the heavens will not stop rejoicing. O marvelous and wonderful God, the joys of heaven is upon me. My God, you have shown me so much of your glory; I do not understand. You, O LORD, who have created all things for your glory shall be glorify. The hand of God is a blessed hand. He declare things and it shall be. O the greatness of God is too great for man to understand. But let my God be praised, ye that seeketh understanding. In his wisdom which the most High God giveth, let us lift up his name. The glory of the LORD shall abound. Let it abound in righteousness. For truly, the LORD my God liveth forever.


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