LORD, behold thy greatness is made aware to thy servant. Thy truth surpasses all understanding. All men desire what is and what is to come. But thou art LORD God, who even to the end is faithful and true to the saints. O LORD, give us strength and courage. But impart upon us more than anything else thy wisdom and the fear of the LORD. That we may function in the Spirit of righteousness and truth. For who shall we turn to, but you, O LORD? Thou art our God who have not hidden the treasures of everlasting glory and thy salvation. Let us turn to you, every man searching his heart and rendering his solely to our Christ. LORD, you have informed us of what was, what is, and what will be. To you, O LORD God, I give glory upon glory. For your goodness and lovingkindness have exceeded all understanding. O Father, keep us in thy sight. Shield us, O LORD, until the appointed hour when you shall make known to the world all your glory. LORD, we await it; for thou art our LORD, our God, our King. O LORD, you have searched the depths of my soul and bring comfort. Your truth you have not hid from me. For that I say, Blessed be the LORD my God. Blessed be my strength and my salvation. Blessed be the honour and glory of my soul. Let us rejoice; for the LORD is our God. Let us lift up our Christ on High. Let us lift up the gates of Zion and give glory to Almighty God. My God, truly thou art my God who will never leave me nor forsake me. I thank you Father and offer most gracious and esteemed blessings to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. May my God forever shine his face upon the saints. And may we be in awe with the blessed hope of our God.

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