It is good for us to stay steadfast in Christ, to live in peace, even in the midst of the storm. For the storm will come, saith the LORD my God. But if my people will heed to my voice, no fear shall overcome them. For I am the LORD thy God, who will steady your path and comfort you in the time of trouble. Call on me; be not afraid; for I am your God.

My beloved, it is well for us to come together in Christ, to give thanks to our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ and our God. Let us grieve not the Holy Spirit in this hour of truth. For in Christ I come before you, to gather his flock, and to remind you of the LORD, in unity, lifting up our God and Father. Let us relinquish our selfish ways and seek one another, the predestined hope of the everlasting kingdom of God. I say this, for I am in agreement with the Holy Spirit that dwells in me that his glory may be elevated in your hearts. As we despise the contrary things that resist the fellowship of our God, we will realize the joys of our God that dwells in us. Be unto each other a keeper, a brother, a sister, to lift up each other, and to bring hope where there is none, to shine a light on the weak and weary, to magnify their grace before God, that he may restore their confidence in him once more.

Father, my God, you have put this in my heart. Now I ask you my LORD, to glorify yourself, by lifting up your children in all the land. Make a way for them, my God, as you have made a way for me. Give them peace, O LORD, not like the world giveth, that they may remember the words of my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. O Father, I thank you for the Holy Spirit, my Comforter, my helper, who delights in Christ, that the lifting up of his glory shall be magnified before my God. I am in agreement with you, O LORD, that the desires of my God shall avail much. Let your name be praised, O LORD God. Let your people come together in unity, lifting up thy glory and the joys of thy kingdom. Let thy name be exalted together, with my brothers and sisters, from the four corners of the earth, that the glory of my God shall go from glory to glory. Father, my heart is pleased in this matter that the hope of RIGHTEOUSNESS shall indeed be esteemed in unity. O LORD, with the lifting up of my hand I magnify this truth. I am in agreement with the most High God. Let thy name be blessed forever, O LORD. And let thy glory be eternally magnified. Amen.


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