Initial Consultation; Health & Wellness Coach’s Fee ($199). For a limited time the original fee of $259 is discounted 20%

My consulting adhere to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act). Transparency, truth, and trust are at the center of what I do at Vision Point MSJ.

My initial consultation and health & wellness coach’s fee is normally  $259 for a 60 minute (1hour) session and two follow up phone calls. But for a limited time you can pay $199 which is a 20% discount. This session is used to assess the client’s nutritional needs, other underlying factors as well, to determine the best course of action.


If you refer a friend — you get a 20% discount as well as your friend. The first 100 clients get 20% off as well as all referrals (that is for the initial consulting).

Ongoing consultations are $149 each for one- hour sessions which include two follow up phone calls. Moving foward — there is a 20% discount for everyone who refer a new customer. Thank you for taking your health seriously.

Mikey St. John


Nutrition Consultant; Health & Wellness Coach


Initial Nutrition Consulting and Health & Wellness Coach Fee – $199

My initial consulting and health & wellness coach fee include discussion (where HIPAA is adhere to), protocol & 2 follow up phone calls. Fees are based on 60 minutes discussion(i.e. 1Item=60 minutes (1hour) discussion=$199