Vision Point MSJ Approach To Health

If we are to attain and maintain optimum health — we definitely need to consider the totality of body, mind, and soul. Eliminating anyone of the above mentioned and our pathway to health will be gravely affected, and our struggles for achieving health will continue.

However, if we approach health from a Holistic Point of View — we most certainly will achieve equilibrium and a frequency harmonious with optimum health.

When we accomplish that, we’ll feel the best we ever have, but more than that we’ll enjoy living free of pain and nagging ailments!

 That man may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth. Psalm 83:18 (KJV)

At Visionpointmsj Nutrition Consulting and Health & Wellness Coaching, we remove the uncertainty, that confusion, that doubt that hinders the progression of all things. We make the impossible possible. Our driving force is not man. God is at the helm; he is the miracle worker; he is the deliverer who gives when we believe and trust in him.

Ultimately, the mission is to help you live the best way possible, the way you are supposed to live. And I know how to do that.


The Digestive System

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

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Nutrition Rich Green Drink

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Embracing Mobility

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Green Drink With A Splash Of Lemon

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                 The Human Skeleton







Mikey St. John





Initial Nutrition Consulting and Health & Wellness Coach Fee – $150

My initial consulting and health & wellness coach fee include discussion (where HIPAA is adhere to), protocol & 2 follow up phone calls. Fees are based on 60 minutes discussion(i.e. 1Item=60 minutes (1hour) discussion=$150



Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) – $100

Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) is $100 for a 60 minutes session(1hour). This includes a protocol & two follow up phone calls.



Monthly Subscription for Nutrition Consulting; Health & Wellness for just $250. This includes a protocol after a holistic approach has been taken, plus three(3) additional sessions of 30 minutes each.

Monthly Subscription for Nutrition Consulting; Health & Wellness Coaching for $250



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