O LORD, keep us in thy right hand, a surety we shall abide in thy righteousness. LORD, be our fortress in this hour, that we shall endure. Our hope is in thee, O LORD. If thou shall keep us under thy wings we shall abide. We shall rest in thy hopeful glory and thy joy which thou has promised. O LORD, we are as sheep to the slaughter. Without our God how can we endure? Give us the courage and the strength. Your strength is a mighty strength. LORD, we turn to you for guidance and for all things. We are beaten and battered and weary; the afflictions upon thy people are many but yet we look to you. We look to our God who will not forsake us. We look for justice and for truth. We look to you, our God, in these days, where evil is waxing worst and worst. Make haste to come to our aid and show us the way. Make haste to stand in your glory and in your truth. Make haste to rise up like a mighty eagle. O God, thou knowest all my thoughts; O how my soul mourns for the depths of sorrows that are before us. But we walk not alone but with our God. Watch after the little ones. O how you love the little children, my Father. O God, comfort them, my LORD. Shield them from the horrors of this evil world. O Father, hear me my God, this day. Hear me, O LORD. Bow down the heavens to my cause. For thou art my hope, my everlasting hope, even to the end of time. Thy help shall not be in vain; for thy works are magnified in truth. The hand of God is a blessed hand. The LORD shall save the righteous from the hands of their enemies. The LORD shall be their God, even to the end of time. LORD, thou art my God in whom I trust. Thou art my God who I lift up on High and exalt with gladness. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting glory that shall not go away. O LORD, make haste to save us, my God. And we will magnify thy name forever. I thank you for your goodness and your mercy towards us. I thank you that you will not forsake us. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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