O LORD, I come before you seeking thy strength, to lift you up, to magnify your name above all. O LORD God, from many mountains my love flows for you. Many rivers are full with your glory. There is no end to the glory of my God. And those who seek the LORD shall delight in this truth. Who can measure the magnitude of thy blessed hand? Who can measure the declaration of my God? In all the land I have not found one. The oceans rejoy, O LORD, by thy mighty hand. O LORD God, the redeemer of my soul, the giver of mercy and grace, thy truth is stretched forth from the heavens. Thy hope is bountiful in the hearts of your beloved. Thy blessings are upon them. O LORD God, my comforter, my darling, let thy ways, LORD Father, prosper across the land. Let the billows of the oceans rejoy in thy voice. Let the depths of the sea be glad. Let the righteous hand of God bring forth beauty. And let beauty be beautiful indeed. Let it jump for joy with the goodness and lovingkindness of my God.

Who saves, but thee, O precious LORD? Who have quenched the thirst of the thirsty, but thee, O LORD? Who have said, Let there by life, and let them have it abundantly? You, O LORD, is greater that all. You are my light that shineth in all the land. You are my hope that will come a full with thy love. O LORD Father, my eyes have seen your glory, and the goodness of thy soul has come before me. You have embedded your love in my heart. And your truth run through my veins. For you O LORD, comfort me. And the Spirit of the living God dwells in me. Thy light behold such glory. Thy light I shall seek. And thy path I shall walk. The strength of the LORD is magnified in this truth; for the hand of God shall prosper. Let my God be blessed. And let the anointing upon my God never end. The LORD is great in all the land. The LORD is blessed forever.

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