The wicked hide themselves in darkness. They glorify it. But the darkness is not hidden from my God. Who shall consider themselves safe if they feast in the depths of hell? Who shall say, my wisdom of death shall evade God? Who shall say, aha aha, now I shall prosper with the spoils of my evil heart? Those who desire wickedness shall know that I cometh not with the hands of men. But I come with the hand of God. I cometh with the mighty God, in whom I find strength. And the terrible ways of the LORD shall show no mercy to the wicked. Let those who desire wickedness, desire death. Let their souls be burden with corruption, and the depths of hell grip them. Let their ways be crocked, and their souls be burden with desolation. The viles of their arrows beseech them. The billows of water cover them. Let death cling to them, and let them have no glory. Let darkness follow them, and let desolation cloak them. Let them be cursed forever who delight to do evil.

But let those who will praise the LORD, let glory come their way. Those who will magnify my God to the ends of the earth, let their steps be washed in butter. And let oil anoint them forever. Those who will bless his servant, let the goodness of the LORD beseech them. Let prosperity come to those who desire the goodness of the LORD. Let their days be joyful, and let their souls be sweetened with honey. Let the hand of God rest upon them. Let his goodness and mercy beseech them. Let the LORD rejoice by their hands. O, the blessings of the LORD shall come upon the righteous. It is good to love the LORD. It is good to praise him. It is good to bless the wonderful name of the LORD. From everlasting unto everlasting, let glory beseech my God. Let my blessings crown my God with the sweetness of my heart. I will lift up my God; for my God will not see me fall. I will praise his Holy name; for the LORD my God is with me. He has shield me with a ring of fire. And his prosperity has compassed me. Life everlasting has cling my soul; for it is written of me in the book of life. Yea, I have seen glory, and it shall not fade nor fall to the dust. From the lovingkindness of the heart of God, he has shown me his wonders. I have seen beauty. And I have lifted my hands and rejoice. The LORD is my light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? For the LORD is with me. He comforts me. All the days of my life the glory of the LORD shall behold me. For the wonderful hand of God is upon me. All the days of my life, the beauty of the hand of God shall rest upon me. And I shall praise the LORD. I will praise the LORD, and cause righteousness to swell up like the waves of the oceans. Yea, I shall praise him with the joy he has put in my heart. And I shall boast all the day long; for the love of God has found me. I shall bestowed glory upon glory, glory without end upon my God. And Zion shall rejoice in the wonderful name of the LORD. The LORD my God is everlasting. And him alone is LORD and God above all. Amen.

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