Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered (PSALM 32:1).

O LORD, I have sinned before thee. And I have not hidden it from you. My repentance before thee considered my soul, that you shall shew mercy. That the agony of my soul shall find comfort in thee. A more steady, upright way I desire before my God. A way that will bring glory to God, a joyful way, marvelous, and bright. That the fruits of my hand shall be worthy unto God. And him, the LORD, I desire to please shall rejoice. The saints shall rejoice in the goodness of God. But those who despise the ways of God shall not rejoice. Let the hope of our LORD be hopeful indeed, lest man would see death. Let the righteousness of God be kept High. In Christ all shall live. The joy of the LORD shall follow the righteous. The ways of the LORD shall stand against the viles and tempest heart.

Man’s heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it (Isaiah 17:9)? Death lingers in the flesh that only God can save. Whom I have considered in need regarded my goodness as vanity. My kindness has been tossed into the depths of hell. Yet I shall extend my gratitude to you O LORD. I shall offer praises unto the LORD. I shall seek thy face more than man’s. For men are deceitful. Their ways are full of errors and their desires are vain. They suffer want, but you O LORD, your ways shall prosper. And who shall say that my God will not have his way? The goodness of God shall comfort me. And his ways shall dwell in my heart. In hope shall it dwell. O LORD my God, thy ways are better. Your joy is sweeter. Your faithfulness, dear God, reaches the heavens. Man has eaten up my flesh and angered my soul. But you have come to bring peace, and give rest to the hopeful in Christ. The bowels of destruction have fallen to the ground. Thy confidence is restored in truth. Hope is rejoicing in the goodness of thy heart. And thy ways of prosperity beseech thee. The sounds of the waves exalt thee. And who shall say, let them rejoice in the name of the LORD? Who shall dwell in the hope of Zion and bless my God? Who shall regard what is good and upright, lest they fall by the wayside? Who shall say the wisdom of God is better than man’s? A more excellent thing cometh from God. And those who seek the LORD in honesty and truth, seek a good thing. The goodness of the LORD shall rise up before men. And those who desire it desire a good thing.


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