The Holy Spirit has put this in my heart that I shall declare this truth to the world; the grace of God shall end for the wicked!

They say, this is a period of grace. And who shall know the end of it? They say, we have plenty of time to get it right. They say, the mercy of God endureth forever. I say, you have said well; that is true. But I say to all of them, this mercy of the LORD that endureth forever, endureth for the ones who God love. Do not believe that the love of God will abide with you in hell. Do not believe that the destruction of your hand shall find mercy in hell. I am here to tell you that you do not know my God. You do not know this God that liveth forever, who abideth in truth, who have destroyed the viles of the devil, and have caused desolation to find no joy. If you know not this God, seek him. Seek him I tell you; for the hour of the LORD is at hand. The vengeance of the LORD shall kindle, and the hope of a foolish man shall find no joy. The end of wickedness is coming. The viles of their swords shall fall on them. [The LORD my God approves all of this].

They say, the LORD shall show mercy forever. Shall he also show you, the wicked, mercy in hell; I ask all of you? Shall he say, gather up thy wickedness, and I shall glorify it? Man who is wise in his own foolishness shall see the end of it. This grace that God giveth shall end, and the wicked shall not know it. The deceits of their hearts have eaten them up. For the wisdom of fools bringeth forth death. Wise men know this, and depart from it. They cling to God who will save their souls from destruction. They cling to God who will show them mercy and grace. They cling to God who mercy endureth forever for those who love him. But the wicked shall not know when death is knocking at their door. They shall not know it; for even to the end their wickedness shall not leave them. They feast in it. They rejoice in death as though death giveth life. An evil heart is self destructing. And the end of it is hopeless and vain. They shall not know when the viles of their deeds have compassed them. Yet shall they rejoice in wickedness; for the heart of a fool knows not his destruction. But wise is he that has found Christ, saith the LORD. The wicked knowest not when his wisdom has ended. And so also, he shall not know when the grace of God has ceased for him. God glorify not in wickedness, and he rejoices not in their ways. They tary, yet they do not see the end of their ways.

Let all who desire grace, who rejoice in it, desire God. For I tell you the true. Who shall not seek God shall find no grace in the end. They shall not dwell in it. The abominations and the destruction of hell shall find no grace. But Zion shall reign with an abundance of grace. The streets of gold shall be paved with it. And the streets of heaven shall rejoice by his name. Yea, the magnitude of it shall endure forever. And the grace of God shall be magnified in this truth.

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