O LORD, comfort the soul of your servant. Show me the way of righteousness. And let thy light shine in me continually. O LORD, because of thy goodness towards me, I will praise your name. I will lift up thy glory and exalt the Holy One of Israel. Truth shall abide in the land of the LORD. The works of God are marvelous. I will declare the wonders of the LORD. Let the whole world be in awe. Let them give glory to this great God. Let them delight in him and lift up righteous hands before him. O Holy One, who can perform the works of thy hand? Thou art with power and strength. Thou laid down the foundation of the earth and who can move it? Thou established all thy ways and who can stand against it? Give power and strength to the LORD. Thou quiet the raging sea. Who is great as this God? By thy hand all things were created. Truth abideth by the right hand of God. O great God that established my ways by thy right hand, let thy glory abound. Let them come to thee on the wings of eagles, but let them abound. Thy praise is without measure and thy glory is everlasting. O LORD, let the joys of Zion flow like many waters! Let them abound with thy praise. By thy hand I stand before thy people to deliver thy hope. I speak the works of the LORD. The LORD perform miracles. He heal the sick. The afflicted are freed from bondage. Let them praise the LORD! Let them testify to his glory. The right hand of God perform great works. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? Who is like unto my God? I will lift up his name in the midst of the heathen. Let God be magnified. Let his glory blossom in all the heavens and the earth. O LORD my God, thou art the Great and Mighty and Terrible God. Thou art whom I adore. I treasure thy soul and lift up thy name boldly. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? By thy hand I have seen the joys of salvation. The LORD is wonderful: let us bless his name forever. Let the joys of heaven never cease. Yea, let them glory. Let the whole earth arise with thy praise. O LORD my God, by thy hand I find joy. And I rejoice in thy name. I rejoice in the LORD, the glory in Zion. Hope in the LORD, O children of righteousness. Put your trust in him. The LORD that liveth in mount Zion is our God. Let his name dwell in hope. Let praise beseech him and cloak him with honour and strength. O LORD my glory, to thy name be praised. The excellent things of thy hand I treasure. I treasure the works of righteousness. The everlasting God abideth in truth. Lift up clean hands unto the LORD. O, the glory of God is upon me. Rise up with vigor and strength and declare things that are right. Stand up for the poor and needy. Call on the LORD. Be not afraid to bring thy treasures before him. Bless him and comfort him; for he is Holy. O LORD, that giveth great gifts and favour thy servants greatly and bring tears of joy that flow like many rivers, that delight in thy beloved, praise be thy name forever. O LORD, thou guide my path. And shew me things that I knew not. Thou withhold not thy pleasures from me. Let thy name be praised and let it not cease. If thou live forever surely my praise shall abide with thee forever. The LORD live forever! My joy is magnified greatly before thee: thou knowest this truth. How much joy will thou flood my heart with? Thy hand is marvelous towards me. Let my praises beseech thee, O God, quickly. Let them come, and not cease. Let God be magnified. Let the hand that restored my hope and saved me form the jaws of the roaring lions be praise. Let his name alone be established in truth. O Zion, hear thy servant and lift up the name of our God. Let thy rejoicing be with great delights. Hope in the LORD, Israel. Put your trust in him.

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