Hear, O LORD, the works of thy hand and give heed to righteousness. Let them follow after thee. By thy hand shall the remnant be saved. Who, O LORD, shall profit by corruption? Who shall cry billows of discomfort, and stir up evil? Even bitter waters they desire. But the strength of the LORD they forsake. The hope of righteousness they desire it not. And when his prophets speak they will not hear. All their ways are crooked and they choose the path of destruction. Yet they tarry and hope. They say, The LORD will save us, but they will not take heed to his voice. They have all become like a noisy bell, who shall desire it? Who shall rise up and say, Surely this shall pleasure my soul? The spoken word of the Righteous One brings them no comfort. But they heed to them that speak lies. They desire corruption and call it truth. They shall all be cast down; for they have no knowledge. Their understanding has been throttled under feet. And then they say, Our faith shall save us. O children that deny the works of the LORD, surely the LORD shall not come, lest thou turn to the LORD in truth. Wisdom comes from God: seek him, you that are without. But even that they will not desire. They desire riches, but they honour not God. They are all become foolish people. O LORD, open the hearts and the eyes of your people. Show them what is right and just and true before you. Let them not have faith that is dead. But let their faith rise up before thee in glory. Who will have hope, lest they hope in the LORD? The righteous heed to the word of God. But the wicked wait in vain to rejoice. There shall be no rejoicing in vanity, saith the LORD. Let them rise up in truth before me. Let them gather up my praise and lift them up in righteousness. The hope of God is established in truth. The glory of God is very high. Who then shall glory? Let them rise up in faith before the LORD. Let them honour him and heed to his words. Let them flee from their evil hearts that perform not the works of the LORD. Sing unto the LORD his praise and comfort his soul in truth. Lay before him your crown of righteousness. Behold my God. Behold my glory in mount Zion.

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