O LORD that saved Israel from bondage and killed for thy beloved, glory to thy name. Let great exaltation beseech the LORD. Let our God be magnified continuously. O Israel, hear me, thy servant, and praise the LORD. Let us bless the LORD that saved us out of bondage. Those who love their salvation, let them glory in the LORD. Rejoice, O Israel, the King of glory is our God. The hope of righteousness is with us. We tarry not in vain, nor do we run without strength. The LORD is with us. Did he not shelter us from the sun, and shew us light in the night? Did he not feed us, and give us water to drink? O the love of God, who can understand it? Who is merciful as our God? Let Israel rejoice in the LORD. Let all that liveth give glory to God. By his hand we have hope: the LORD will protect us. The LORD that keep Israel neither slumber nor sleep. Blessed is our God, most High. Blessed is our beauty in Zion, most wonderful God. All of Zion shall rejoice in the LORD.

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