O LORD, that dwelleth in unapproachable light, and brings hope to the world, whose glory is exceedingly great, and thy strength without measure, praise be thy name. O LORD, the Comforter of my soul, my great helper in the day and the night, who is faithful and true unto thy servant, blessed be thy name. Blessed be thy name that is Holy. Let power and strength come to the LORD. Let thy praises be lifted up in grace. Let them fly on the wings of eagles. O LORD, hear me, and glory: thou art magnified greatly. My hope is on solid Rock. I shall not fear evil, nor shall I suffer lost. The LORD will keep me. Even from the beginning thou established all my ways. My sitting down and my standing up thou ordained in truth. I will trust the LORD my hope. I will call on the name of the LORD. Surely the LORD will hear me from his holy place and attend to my voice. I will bless the LORD; for his ways are excellent towards me. O LORD, how great is thy mercy towards me? And thy favour, O God, who can measure it? Thou pour thy grace upon me. I awake in thy presence. My heart is flooded with joy. And with gladness I praise thy name. I exalted thy name with my whole earth. O LORD God, thou have searched me, and thou know me. Nothing is hidden from thee. My heart is tender towards you. Even my marrow will not withhold your praise. Thou shew me thy glory: will I not show thee my praise? They will come to thee, O God. With a rush they shall come. O make haste and seek the LORD. Lift up his name in glory. O LORD that live forever, let the whole earth honour thee. Let them bow to thee and reverence thy holy name. Thou art my glory and my praise. Truly thy name is blessed; for out of my bowels flow rivers of living water. O LORD, keeper of all truth, to thy name be glory without measure. When I look upon thee, O God, let thy glory be magnified greatly within me. Let my praises lift thee up in the highest. O LORD, let them be a sweet savour before thee. This day I praise thy name and give glory to the most High God! O Zion, hear me and lift up our King. Restrain not thy pleasures nor thy joy. Let thy gladness be magnified greatly. Let us praise the LORD. Let us lift up his name that is Holy. O LORD, hear the voices of your beloved, the apple of thine eyes. Make haste to rejoice. Let thy heart be fatten with gladness, and thy hope be enlarged upon the high hill. O my darling, come forth and rejoice. Thou art worthy to be praised!

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