O LORD, who shall comfort thy soul when thy wrath is kindle? Who shall counsel thee in thy anger? When thy rage is magnified greatly, who shall stand in thy way? O LORD, thou art stronger than all. We abide by thy hand. And in thy mercy we dwell in hope. Teach us thy way, O LORD, that we may follow after thy truth. Shine your light before us, that we may not stumble into deep pits. Guide us in thy grace, O God. O Holy Father, stretch forth thy hand in thy lovingkindness and bless us. O Father, let our glory magnify thy name in Zion. Restore our hope up the high hill. Thou art our salvation. Our dwelling place is the LORD. Lift up the LORD with strength. Bring joy before him with rejoicing. Lay hope before his throne. Let confidence magnify itself. Let faith rise up like eagles before him. O LORD that sheweth mercy, let us trust in thee. Thy right hand favour us greatly. Even from the beginning thou art our Saviour. Thou lay down the foundation of the earth in truth and it remains. Thou established our ways of old. Who can depart from thy right hand? All my strength fail me, O God. I fight to no avail. Thou restored me into thy bosom and thy hope within me swell up with thy praise. I glory in thy name. When I call out thy name thou answer me. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? The heavens fail me and the sons of men sheweth me none that is like unto thee. I gather up vanities like the dust of the earth, they profit me nothing. I searched in vain. But thy right hand is marvelous before me. I look for thee, my glory, my sunshine upon the high hill. Thou art my warmth in the cold gloomy day. Thou art my joy in the land of sorrows. In the evil day I look to thee; for thou art good. Who is like unto my God? In my weakness he gives me strength? He forgive my soul from destruction. He maketh me to see the joys of his salvation. The LORD is my praise. My hope in Zion is the LORD. As long as the LORD liveth I shall dwell in peace. The LORD liveth forever. My glory shall abound upon the high hill. The LORD is my glory! O LORD, blessed be thy name forever.

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