O LORD, let thy name be lifted up in Zion, O most High. Let glory abound greatly before you. Let the LORD be magnified. In all the land let his glory be praised. Let our joy seep out of our hearts and rise up to the heavens with great haste to give glory to God. O LORD, be not far from me today. But draw near to me in thy lovingkindness and receive your praise. Let thy blessings cloak thee and comfort thee with great pleasures. O glory, magnify thyself in the presence of the LORD. He is our King. From everlasting unto everlasting he is our glory. Our God live forever. Surely his name shall be exalted forever. O giver of hope, let thy ways come before us, and profit our souls. Thou keep truth forever. We seek thee for truth. All others are liars, like the dust of the earth that blows away. But thou art steadfast in thy ways, the giver of life, and the restorer of hope. And they that rise up against thy servants shall fall like a tottering fence. Behold my God is with us. The most High, look down upon us. He consider us, even from the beginning. He lay down truth that it shall last forever. Hope in the LORD, O Israel. By his hand shall we prevail. O LORD, let our joy give thanks to your name. Let gladness beseech thy heart. O LORD, this is our desire. Rejoice with us, O God. And shew thyself to be our Rock.

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