LORD, thy hand give to the people and thy healing hand attended to the need of the poor. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who sheweth thyself in the midst of the heathen, nullified the works of the wicked, quiet the roar of the lions, and bring confusion among those whose thoughts are vain, and whose efforts are for destruction. Let thy name be magnified in glory and the works of thy hand a testament to thy greatness. Let all bow down to thee and exalt thy name in glory. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy work” ( Psalm 19:1). O LORD my God, thou art magnified without measure. All of the earth stand with thy beauty. Thy marvelous works of thy hand are displayed in splendor. In truth thou proclaimed the works of thy hand. Thy righteous hand shall abide, even unto the end. In the beginning thou shew thyself to be God. And in thy majesty thou reign Supreme.

Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre (Psalm 45:6).

Thy sceptre is everlasting. Honour beseech the great King. Thou rule kingdoms. All are under thy feet. O LORD God that is Mighty and Great, be exalted in the heavens. And in the earth, let thy terrible hand in righteousness be praised. Thy name alone is excellent. And thy glory esteemed above all glories. Vain are the glories of other gods. But thou, O LORD God, truly are with honour. Let all of Zion be glad to praise thy name. Let them magnify the dwelling place of the LORD. O LORD my glory, be lift up on High. Thou art Faithful and True, O LORD. And thy servant delight in the works of thy hand. Make known of thy riches among all men. Let them cleave to thee, the righteous King. Thy name alone is Holy. O yea, thou alone are esteemed with this honour. Thou alone are magnified in truth.

Holy Father, consider us in thy mercies and let us magnify thy name forever and ever. Blessed art thou, O LORD God, who are without sin.

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