O LORD, I awake with thy praise, and thy glory, an excellent thing before me. I look upon the hills and thy joys are fatten within me. O LORD, thou art my excellent glory. By thy hand the people are comforted in thy mercies. And from thy goodness, the poor have hope. O LORD, thy name is laid down in majesty, a God of truth whose compassion is renewed daily. Let my praise be unto thee a sweet savour. My heart within me delight in your joy. Thou knowest my thoughts are gather like the wheat of the fields, they provide nourishment to my soul. I look upon thy face, O LORD. I say, my God will delight in my praise. By thy hand my days are with joy. I awake in thy presence. The LORD is with me. The LORD is with power and strength. Let my praises full your heart with treasures of exaltation. With everlasting glory, let them cloak thee. O LORD, you know me. When I look up to the heavens thy glory is exceedingly great. I say, let my God be blessed. O how excellent is his glory. I lift up thy name in all the heavens and the earth. The LORD established his ways in truth. Mighty is the LORD who laid down the foundation of the earth. Let his name rejoice with honour and glory. O blessed Saviour, you save the afflicted, and give hope to the hopeless. The weary you give strength. And he that is bow down to the ground you lift up. O LORD, the poor and needy seek comfort in thee. My God, let your heart be fatten with joy. As long as thou live, let thy name be excellent in glory. The LORD live forever!

Shew mercy unto thy servant, O LORD. And let the lifting up of thy name be a delightful song. With sweet melodies let my tongue sing praises unto thee. Put your words in my heart and seal your truth within me. O LORD, thou art my confidence and my joy. Like the sun that give light in the morning, thou maketh my eyes to see. Thy name is with glory. O LORD, let thy name rise up in praise. Let thy glory be in all the heavens and the earth. Let every nation look upon thee; for thou art great and mighty. The lifting up of your honour delight my soul. Be unto me my God. And let thy right hand cover me. Who is like my God? Day and night he keeps watch over me. The LORD favours me. I will make a joyful noise unto the LORD. Yea, I shall make a great shout like a trumpet. In all the heavens and the earth they shall hear it. Behold, I speak the praise of the mighty One. The everlasting God is my King. From ancient of days the LORD established his ways. His glory is excellent in all the heavens and the earth. O LORD my God, blessed art thou. Blessed art thou who brings joy to the sorrowful and justice for the poor and needy! Blessed art thou who raise up the poor out of the dust, and lift up the begger from the dunghill. Blessed is the LORD who renew the strength on they that wait on him. Blessed is the LORD who comfort the fatherless. Blessed is the LORD who will not leave me alone, who speaks to me, and comfort my soul with his words. Blessed is the LORD who have done marvelous things in all the heavens and the earth! In all the heavens and the earth let them praise thee. O Father, from thy riches that you have given unto me let them beseech thee and bring glory to thy name. From thy tender heart you consider me. You bring me joy in the morning. And in the night you will not leave me. O LORD my God, for the rest of my days let me praise thy name. Remember me, O God, when I am weak and weary. When I am forsaken by they who say, We know the LORD; be not far from me. My God, let my praise bring joy to thy bosom. Thou art my glory. I have not spoken to you what you do not know. All my soul desire you. O LORD my God, you have touched my soul and I cleave to you. I will not let go of you. Because of you I rise up with joy. I have spoken bold things in your name. And not once have you failed me. By thy hand joy comes. Let my mouth speak thy praise. And let my thanksgiving magnify your glory. The delights of the LORD are many. Who is like unto my God? For by his hand he created the heavens and the earth, and all that was created was created by him. The LORD is Mighty and Great, and Terrible. Who is like unto the LORD?

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