Father, I thank you for being with me every step of the way. I acknowledge you with humility; for I am nothing without you. O gracious and loving Father, I honour you. When the people receive your joy, my soul is happy. I give you praise, and glory. They that are wise shall behold your righteousness. And they shall say, The goodness of God is with us. The God that heal and comfort the afflicted shall glory. Father, thy hand is not short that it cannot save. Let the people rejoice in thy name: show them thy power and strength. Make unto them vessels of testimonies. O LORD, for your glory and honour do it. I know thee, O LORD. But many do not understand thy lovingkindness. From thy merciful hand, shew them the works of my beloved God. Thy name will glory. My God will glory. In all the heavens and the earth the beauty of holiness will be exalted. The LORD of hosts is the beauty of holiness. Let his name be praised. Give glory to God.

LORD, because of you I can gladly say, the LORD is my God. The LORD is with me; for I have seen the works of his hand. Father, I would have never known your beauty, but in your mercy and grace you considered me. And from thy goodness you laid treasures in my soul. I speak your truth boldly. I say things that make people look twice. And many have come to know of thy name. Thou art my glory. The shinning light upon the hill is my God. How precious is thy soul, O LORD. My heart is flooded with the sweetness of thy love. Honey cannot compare to how sweet it is to love you. I love you dearly. And I know you know that. You have stood with me through all my troubles. And I find strength in thee. O LORD, let thy name be cloaked with the delights of my heart. LORD, only by thy hand shall I glory. My heart is for my God. I tell you the truth: my love is for my God. I have seen his ways: O how faithful and true is the LORD? Let us glory in his name. O children of Israel, lift up thy praise unto the LORD. Open your hearts and express your love for him. Let the joys of the LORD behold you. Let them cleave to you, and not let you go. I believe the words of the LORD. They are life and truth. They are a testament to his greatness, an epitome to his glory. Let his beauty blossom in the heavens and the earth. Let his name be exalted without measure. O LORD, they that know not thee I pray that they find thee. Look above and not belong; for the glory of my God is exceedingly high. He shew us his lovingkindness and all partake of his grace. Who can live without the grace of God? The more I think about it is the more I seek thee, O LORD. Our days are like the grass that shall wither away. But thou give water to our souls. Living water thou give unto us. Praise be my God who giveth this water; for we bring forth fruit, with gratitude, and offer praise to our God. LORD, we acknowledge you in our blessings. In our joy we will not forsake you. Even in our sorrows we shall look upon thy face. Hear me, my love, and let me embrace you with the riches of my heart. Your hand shall glory. The hand of my God shall glory. I have seen his ways and my soul is with great joy. If you knew the works of the LORD, you too shall say, the LORD is wonderful; the delights of the LORD are many. Great is the name of our God. Give glory to God. Give glory to whom glory is due.

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