Who shall reward the wicked? And what profit shall comfort the righteous? A wicked man shall lay waste in the land of abomination. All his days shall be like the dust of the earth: the wind blows it and it lay to a far place of unrest, a desolate and corrupt place. But the righteous shall be like the rain that fall upon the grass and watered it. And the trees that are planted in the land shall bring forth fruit. The blessing of the LORD shall behold it. But who shall behold the tempest and lay hold the bitterness of waters? Who shall consider it in the day of judgment? Or who shall desire it then? Surely a man’s deeds shall follow him. It shall burden him, even when he despise it. Evil profits no one but righteousness will lead a man to the kingdom of God. It is well to seek righteousness. And they that humble themselves and run after Christ shall inherit the earth. The hubris of pride is the destruction of the wicked. There is no wisdom in it, only the foolishness of darkness. If a man does not please God, how wise can he be? The wisdom of hell is foolishness before God. It is better to be foolish in Christ than to be wise in the things of the world. And many will come to understand that they only deceived themselves and not God. But the inherit follies of evil blind the heart and minds of the wicked. Only Christ can open the eyes of the blind. Only Christ can free the captives. If we repent from our sins, the LORD is merciful to forgive us. Let every man repent of his sins; for who is worthy before the eyes of God? The image of perfection is the image of Christ, the image of righteousness. Yea, this is the image of glory. Unless a man is in the image of Christ he will not see the kingdom of God. There is no other who can save but the Son of the living God. Let every man consider this; for we are in the evil days. And the kingdom of God draweth near. Let no man say, I will wait for tomorrow; for tomorrow is promised to no one. If a man dies in his sin he will rise in his sin. Surely, this shall be a burden of shame, and not glory. There is no glory in sin and all vain things must be cast down into deep pits. Let not your pride get in your way, nor trample on the mercy and grace of God. Do not deceive yourselves: lest a man is born again in Christ Jesus he cannot enter the kingdom of God! I tell you the truth: humble yourself like a child. Make thyself weak and sorrowful. Come with a contrite spirit and let God have his way with you.

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verify, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

Who can redeem sin but the redeemer? Christ is the redeemer. He is the everlasting God. He is Righteousness. Look not to the strength of men, nor the riches of men. For even the strength of men shall wither away. And their riches are worthless before God. Then what shall become of their glory? Put your trust in the LORD. Put your trust in the everlasting glory. Surely, the hand of God can save. For I have seen the works of his hand. Did not he saved me from the deepest pit? Where there was no hope, the LORD restored hope. Come to God while he yet can be found. Let him be your Saviour. Let him be your God.

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