LORD, I seek thee as the rivers seek waters, as the dry land thirst for rain. O Father, I desire you, my life. Upon the hill of glory thou art excellent. Thou art my praise. And my soul knows fully well. I lift up thy name with honour. I give unto thee thy glory. O Father, let my words not fall to the ground. But let them cloak thee and comfort thee. Let my blessings beseech thee. O LORD my God, will my joy not come in the morning? Thou bring to me pleasures from thy right hand. All thy glory blossom with praise. Thou art God. And by thy hand shall man live or die. In thy goodness thou sheweth mercy. And great grace thou did pour upon this earth. O Father, we thank you. If not for thy hand our days would have been like desolation. But thou art our God. We look to thee upon the hill. O Father, let thy glory be magnified with joy. From the depths of my heart I sing praises unto thee. Thou art everlasting glory. And my soul rejoices in thy name. Let the nations rise up and praise the LORD. Let them turn from their evil and cast vanity into deep pits. Let them lift up thy glory and rejoice in thy excellent name. O Father, let them fatten thy heart with praises. Yea, let them not cease. Let this be a perpetual thing, O God. My heart desires it. Bring unto thy servant from the goodness of thy heart courage and strength. Let thy wisdom beseech me, and forsake not knowledge and understanding. O LORD my God, from the ancient days thou did consider my forefathers. Thou did shew unto them mercy. And thou did not refrain from blessing my mother’s womb. By thy hand I rise up in glory. Thou put thy words in my mouth. My joy seek thee with praise. I look upon the hill of glory. I look for the LORD, the comfort of my soul. Praise be to thy name that is glory. O heaven, hear the voice of thy servant. Praise be to the great One, the Holy One of Israel. By his hand he fought our wars. He throttled down the rod that rise up against us. And he put fear into the hearts of our enemies. They that desire vanity shall become a desolation. Let us lift up our hands to the heavens and praise the LORD. Let us bring our thanksgiving before him. O LORD, thy humble servant beseech thee. Hear my voice today. From the rising of the sun thou watch over us and from the going down thou art still with us. By thy hand we prevail. O LORD, we look unto thee, our Saviour. And from thine own we give unto thee. Let our blessings beseech thee with joy. Let them be a sweet savour unto thee. LORD, I look upon thee, my light. Guide us, O God, into all things truth. By thy word shall we dwell in hope. Let our blessings fall upon Jerusalem. Let Zion rejoice in the LORD. For the day will come when we shall lift up thy glory in Zion. And we shall say, The LORD our God is with us. And our praise shall be a sweet savour unto thee. Thy name shall reign in the beauty of holiness. And all shall say, The LORD is worthy to be praised. Praise be to the God who protects my soul from the hands of vultures. Praise be to the everlasting God, my glory. Yea, his name shall remain with honour and it shall not cease. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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