O LORD, in truth thou have spoken. And in thy perfection thou have established all things. “The mighty God, even the LORD hath spoken and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof” (Psalm 50:1). With thy great hand thou have performed thy works with perfection. Thy glory is in all thy works. O LORD my God, praise be unto thy name. Thou have displayed thy works and thy beauty is before our eyes. Who can deny thy greatness, lest he is blind? Even the wonders of the LORD have made clear his delights. Let his name glory; for he alone has done a marvelous job. The majestic glory of the LORD is a testament to his greatness. Let honour come to the LORD. Great exaltation shall beseech him. Let my thanksgiving come to thee and my honour lift up thy name; for thou art the most High. Thou art esteemed more than all. Even in the hills and valleys thou art fairer than all. I magnify thy name because thou shew mercy unto me. Thou withhold not thy lovingkindness. All the power and the glory is yours, yet thou find it in thine heart to show me compassion. I will praise thy name. I will lift up thy glory and honour thee. My thanksgiving shall be magnified before thy face. I will look upon thee, my beauty, and my thoughts shall be excellent unto thee. O glory, my darling, let my soul comfort thee. Let my joy bring gladness to thy heart. From thy goodness thou considered me. Surely I shall return unto thee my praise. Let glory abound in thy midst, O LORD. Let thy beauty blossom and thy name be praised. O LORD my God, let my days be with you, lest I find sorrows. Be unto me, my confidant and my God, even my redeemer and my Saviour: thou will not forsake me. I look upon thee, my only hope; I gather up my thoughts like the wheat of the fields. And in an acceptable time I bring to thee all that I have. I lay all upon thy shoulders. I beseech my God for comfort. He sheweth mercy unto me, and cause my soul to rejoice. I lift up his name on High. Upon the Holy hill thy glory is magnified. O LORD, there is none like you, even a fool will acknowledge this. I lift up thy name that is great. In all the earth I speak thy praise. O Father, I fatten thy heart with gladness and testify to the glory of thy great hand. O let it abound. Let the glory of my God abound! Bring out his beauty. Gather them and offer thanksgiving unto his name; for he has established all things for his honour and glory. Be unto God, a treasure of hope and praise his holy name. Bless him, you righteous. And you that are with breath give glory to God. Give glory to God; for he is righteous and holy and excellent before our eyes. Praise his name from the rising of the sun to the setting thereof. Let glory beseech the LORD in a bountiful way. And let them not cease; for he is the most High God.

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