LORD, I cried unto thee and thou will not heed to my cry. Violence has enlarged itself against the righteous and yet you will not hear. They regard you not as their Saviour and delight not in thy name yet they rejoice against the righteous. Why do you allow them to wage war and do nothing? Do I seek thee in vain and do my faith in thee profit me not? How can I rejoice if my enemies magnify themselves against me? I lift up praise unto thee, and magnify thy name. Thy beauty blossom before my eyes. All the heavens praise thy name. Even the earth glory in thee. Thou art famous in all the earth. O LORD, do I not exalt thy name? Are you not glad with the lifting up of thy glory? I have spoken great things about you. Even my boast roar like a lion. My voice reaches the heavens to praise thy name. All my treasures I give to thee. Even my heart is in thy hand. Thy name is a joy to my soul. I delight in thee. The works of thy right hand are marvelous before my eyes. O LORD, hear me and adhere to my cry. My tears fall to the ground. Many waters flow like rivers. Why do my tears not profit me? The heathen rejoice and who shall give thee glory? I lift up my hands to the heavens. They beautify thee. Thy soul is with pleasure. Thy name is excellent in glory. Upon the hill I look for thee, O God. I call thee by thy name. Thou art my glory. Thou art my deliverer. My Saviour is upon the high hill of Zion. O Father, thou art holy and righteous. Thou art a just God. Will not thou show justice to the humble? Will thou not adhere to the cry of the innocent? Hear me, O LORD, that I may praise thy name and rejoice in Zion. Zion is a place of joy. O LORD, am I not an inheritance of Zion? I have made a covenant with you. O LORD, by blood and water, will thou not hear me? Will thou not cause my name, Father, to be lifted up on the hill of glory? I bow my heart to thee. My soul long for thee. I awake and run not after vanity, nor do I hold on to bitterness. I look upon thy face. And I seek thee in the heavens. O LORD, my thoughts are excellent before thee. Did I not exalt thy name in the heavens? I fatten thy heart with gladness. When my enemies say, Thou art not God: I detest them and rise up against them. I glorify thy name and boast in thy strength. I say, All the power is in thy hand. I am not thy servant, O God? Will thou not shew me favour this day? How many tears will I cry upon this land? My days are with sorrows: where is my joy? The heavens rejoice in thy name. I magnify thy name above all names. I say, thou art my God. Thou art my God. I refrained not from praising thee. Thou knowest I have done it. Where is the hand of my God? O Father, if thou still favour me, hear my voice and answer me. O Father, I put my trust in you: you are all I have. Your glory is my glory. Your joy is my joy. When thou art enlarged my heart is with gladness. I speak thy praise to the waters of the land. Rivers flow to and fro with haste to praise thy name. Thy name is glory! Thy name is truth! Who is like unto thee? The waters of the seas swell up with billows, as though they want to touch the heavens and praise thy name. The valleys are low: they bow to thee. The hill are high, O how they glory. The mountains stand with strength. Is not thou the God of power? Anoint me with a fresh anointing today and let thy glory be magnified. Who shall come before me and not receive thy praise? Who shall come and not know of the God that I serve? O LORD my God, thy name shall glory. Thou art the mighty healer. Thou art the miracle worker. Did not thou shew me things to come and guided my ways? Who is like unto thee, O LORD? O LORD, I see agony upon this earth. O LORD, this earth shall suffer because of evil. Everywhere is evil. And they that look to thee, evil are spoken against them. The people glory in vanity. O Father, they have become a people who desire attention. They run after the vain things and they say, This is our glory. Who shall profit from this evil? Delight in the LORD, you sinners, and give up the vain things. Lift up the name that is righteous. The LORD is righteous and out of his hand is an abundance of truth. This world shall profit by the hand of God. O heaven hear the call of thy servant. Hear me, O LORD. Let my days upon this earth magnify thy name. Let the whole earth arise with thy praise. Let thy name bring pleasure to their souls. Delight in the LORD, the LORD that created the heavens and the earth, the LORD that stretched out the heavens as a curtain, and spread them out as a tent to dwell in, who killed for Israel and speak to them his praise. Let his name be excellent in glory. O LORD my God, this day thou have enlarged thyself greatly.

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