LORD, I thank you for this day. O LORD, you have laid your right hand upon me, thank you! My thanks are from the depths of my heart; thou knowest this truth. I have not hidden my evil from your eyes, nor do I justify my sins. All my faults are before you but in thy hand there is great mercy. Be generous with thy mercies towards me, my Father. And I shall lift up thy name with honour and glory. Yea, to the ends of the earth shall thy name be praised. Thou knowest that I am not afraid to do it, nor am I a coward. For thy name’s sake let thy glory be exalted without measure. O Father, let it abound. Let it abound and lift up the great and mighty God. As long as you are my God thy name shall glory. Thou art my God forever. I have made an everlasting covenant with you. Surely my inheritance shall not be forsaken. O LORD, this day I shall praise thy name. I shall fatten thy heart with gladness. And thy joy shall be magnified without ceasing. My God, thank you for being my Father and my God. Thank you for hope upon the high hill. O my glory, O how I treasure you, and adore you. You comfort me day and night, shall my praises not extend unto you? They shall all come to thee, O LORD. How quickly shall they make haste and mount up on the wings of eagles and beseech thee? Great glory, O God, is coming your way. I cannot restrain it, nor do I want to. For you, O LORD, are excellent in glory. My LORD, my LORD, what have you done to me, O LORD? All my joy lift up praises unto thee. You hide not yourself from me when I call upon thee. You favour me more than others. This is true, O LORD; you know it? You know the works of your hand towards me. For this reason I praise thy blessed name. I lift up thy name that is Holy and righteous and excellent in glory. In thy hand there is truth: shall not thy name be praised? In thy hand there is life. O give me life my God. Let it be said, The salvation of the LORD has beseech me and I cling to it. I look to thee, my shinning light and lift up thy name in glory. Thou knowest, I am not ashamed of thee. My Father, I shall never forsake you. I exalt thy name above all. O Father, I have pushed vanity to the side for thy sake. Who shall glory but thee, O LORD? On the wings of eagles shall thy glory come before thee. I remember some of the things you have done for me: you are an awesome God. All the wonders are the epitome of thy glory. O Father, let thy name be magnified without measure. Today is not the day to be modest, my God. Let your joy blossom. Let your name be exalted with glory. Thy greatness are in the heavens and the earth. Surely thou art the God of glory. This is thy name, O LORD; for by thy glory thou did magnify me from the depths of hell. Surely I shall remember thee and thy glory shall be exceedingly great before me. For your goodness and mercy thy name shall glory. For your blessings on me thy name shall glory. Because you have put your light in me thy name shall glory. Because you have given me eternal life and shew me thy salvation thy name shall glory. It shall be a perpetual thing and a joy to my soul. When I think of you, I shall lift up your name in the highest. Glory shall abound in your name. The joys of my heart shall be excellent towards you. O my Father, I shall exalt thy name above all. I shall glory in my God who shew me things that I do not know. Let the earth rise up and worship thee. Let them rejoice in the praise of the LORD. O LORD my God tarry no more. But make haste to glorify thyself. Glorify thyself Father. Let the joys of my heart blossom with glory. In all the heavens and the earth thy name is established in truth. My praise shall lift up thy name in Zion. Consider me, O God, in my prayer and grant me my heart’s desire. Put your words in my mouth and the lifting up of your name shall not be in vain. To the ends of the earth shall thy name be lifted up. O LORD my God, my confidence is in you. You have shown me things and I believe. I believe that the great hand of God is with me. I believe that when I call out your name you will hear me. And when you speak to me I shall be glad to hear you, and rejoice. The lifting up of thy name shall be a testament to thy glory. O great Glory that abound in truth; let thy name forever prosper. Let thy heart be fatten with joy and gladness. Exceedingly great glory shall beseech thee. O Father, let it comfort you. And remember from whence it comes. Remember thy servant and the strength of thy right hand. Remember from whence you found me and the work you have done in me. O my LORD, my joy has just increased. Let thy name glory. Let every living thing give glory to God; for thy name is worthy to be praised.

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