LORD, the people profit from your goodness and mercy. So gracious is the works of thy hand. Great lovingkindness behold thee, O God. Let the joys of my heart magnify thy name. Let great exaltation lift up thy glory. O LORD my God, the God that walks with me and talks with me shall be praised. Glory shall come to you. O Father, receive it. Receive it with great love. Let your heart be fatten with gladness. Your joy shall overflow. Great blessings beseech thee. Let them cloak thee and crown thee with honour and glory. You give to me so generously and from thine own I give to you. O my glory, praise be thy name. The lifting up of your name is a delight to my soul. My heart is with great joy because of you. Who can do what you do? There is none in the heavens or in the earth or beneath the earth. You are esteemed above all. Let thy name glory to the ends of the earth. The LORD is my God: surely his name shall be lifted up to the heights of the heaven. O Father, glory. Glory in the heavens and in the earth. Let my blessings upon thee overflow. Let them be a perpetual joy in thy heart. When your heart is rich with gladness remember your servant. Remember my love for you, how I delight in thy name, honour thee, give glory to my God. Your joy is my joy. Your gladness is my gladness. O Father, thou art esteemed above all. Behold the great One, the Holy One of Israel. Behold my God. I bring before you my great King of Zion. Lift up his honour and his glory. Let the whole earth awake and praise the LORD. Let every living thing give glory to God. Yea, rise up with vigor and strength and magnify the name of the LORD. The LORD of hosts shall glory. He created the heavens and the earth and all therein. Surely this is a marvelous God. Praise be to thy name Jehovah. Praise be to thy name, O LORD. From everlasting unto everlasting, let thy name glory.

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