My LORD, what can a man hope for if not for thee, O LORD? All my hope is in vain, lest the LORD is my God. What shall it profit me if I call on the LORD and there is no answer? O LORD, I call on you daily and thou knowest that I will not leave, lest thou will answer me. When I look up to the heavens I look up not in vain. All my thoughts are wonderful before thee. Thou knowest, all vain things are cast down into the pit. O my glory, but the works of thy hand are excellent before me. I rejoice in the works of the LORD. I honour him and magnify his name in all the earth. My soul is at peace because the hand of God is upon me. O children of righteousness, hear me when I tell you: that the LORD our God is a living God. Look to the LORD. Look to our God. Cry out to him. Call out his name. Say, O LORD my God, my glory, where art thou, O LORD? Come forth my darling and dwell with me this day. Let thy glory be lifted up in the heavens and the earth. O LORD my God, what have you done to me? My soul rejoices in thy name, and give glory to the LORD. My heart is fatten with gladness. All the fabric of my being rejoice in thy name. I am like a drunken man, full of the goodness of God. Who can escape the hand of God? Even from the depths of hell thou find me. When I was cast away thou find me more precious than silver and gold. My shame was throttled under thy feet and thou did crown me with glory. O LORD my God, you have laid your hand upon me and I cannot escape it. O Father, thank you for the miracles. The people testify on thy name. Thou art the wonder and the beauty of my soul. Thou art my life. O Father, thou art my everlasting glory. I look at my beauty and my words will not fail me. The joys of the LORD are pleasant before me. O my King, Zion rejoices because of thee. Let us glory in the LORD. Let the whole earth glory in the LORD.

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