O LORD, the great and mighty God, I look upon thee; for thou did established all things for thy pleasure. By thy hand thou delivered justice and peace, even war thou did cause to come upon this earth. Who then shall say, There is no God? Who shall even consider it? When the mountains were not yet formed, did thou not established them with strength? Did thou not take the foolish things upon the earth to do thy will? Who will consider these things but thee, O LORD? Thou have magnified thyself greatly. Even from the beginning thou spoke truth and thy truth shall remain forever. Who did consider these things, O God? The heavens and earth thou have enlarged with beauty. Vast beauty, thou display thy handy work. I am in awe with thy glory. O LORD of hosts, thou have established it for thy honour and glory. And who have placed the sand as a bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar yet can they not pass over it (see Jeremiah 5:22). Thou art the commander of waters and every living thing. Will thou not say, Do this and it shall not be done? Thou taketh the crooked things and make them straight. Thou have taken the low things and make them high. Even the sinful things thou have made righteous. O LORD, thou art God: will man not fear thee? The foolish run to and fro to no avail and yet they say, We are wise. The wisdom of fools is a desolation upon this land: they profit no one. And like the dust shall it be blown away. In dry places shall they dwell without water. Vanity shall follow the works of the wicked. And they that forsake God shall drink bitterness. Consider this, you who say, I am wise, yet you despise God. You who rise up early to do evil consider it. Surely you shall consider it in the land of the dead, lest you repent of your sins.

Who have risen up the weak and bring down the strong and mighty? Thou, O LORD, have consider the days of them that say, We are wise. And yet thou giveth them no wisdom. Who is wise, lest you have given to him wisdom? Will the fools counsel each other and then say, We are wise? Let every man seek the LORD; for he is wise and giveth wisdom to those who ask. O Father, I will lift up your praise upon the high hill and who shall bring it down? I will speak thy praise and who shall return it? Who shall consider it void when the LORD has consider it his pleasure? The joys of thy hearts shall be exceedingly great. O great God, thou knowest thy servant will bring forth the joys of thy salvation. Hope shall not bring forth hopelessness. The hand of the LORD shall be rewarded with pleasures. Yea, great pleasures shall beseech him. Honour and strength shall come to the LORD. O Father, let them lift up thy name in glory. Let the whole earth rise up with vigor and strength and praise thy name. Yea, let them glory in these things, that the LORD God Almighty shall be exalted. The heavens give up their praise. Surely the earth shall rejoice in the name of the LORD. Let every man who say, I am wise; let not his wisdom become a burden unto the LORD. But let he that is wise fear God. Yea, this is the wisdom of the saints. If God shall not glory, then no one is wise. Consider this day and night. And ask yourself, is God being glory by the works of my hand? Does the LORD find pleasure with my soul? Have I drink the water of the living God? For he that drank the water of the living God shall bring forth fruit. O the glory of God, who can contain it? Let the wise magnify the name of the LORD. Yea, let them praise the LORD. Let this be a perpetual joy to their souls. O LORD my God, glory! I will exalt the name of the LORD. I will call upon thy name, O LORD. And in the evil days yet shall thy glory be magnified. If the LORD is my God, surely it shall be done. I have not spoken this in the dark. I tell you the truth: the LORD is my God. It shall be done.

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