Merciful Father, I give praises to thy name. I give glory to thy most High name. Thy name is a joy to my soul. O LORD, thou knowest. I seek thee, the treasure of my life. Precious art thou, O LORD. Thou art my delight and my glory. Let my blessings fall upon thee and cloak thee. Let peace and truth abide with thee forever. My darling, thou art my first love. And from the depths of my soul I honour thee. I esteemed thee; for thou art worthy to be praised. Give unto the LORD power and strength. Give unto the LORD beauty. Magnify his name. Make a great shout in all the land and magnify the name of the LORD. Speak his truth to the end of the earth. O how wonderful it is to praise the LORD. Tell your neighbors and your friends, that the LORD is God and he is worthy to be praised. Tell them that he is the blessed One, the Saviour, the redeemer of your soul. Tell them that he is the light of the world. He is the majestic glory and all things are in his hand. A God of strength and of great mercy, whose lovingkindness extends to the heavens, he is the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys. He is the Supreme God who speaks truth and never lie. He is my God. The God of Israel is with power and strength. Lift up his name; he is my glory. Beautify him; he is my love. Bring gladness to his heart: He is my beloved Father. He is my joy in the morning and when the night comes my joy yet remain. The LORD is my praise. Let his glory be lifted up on High. O LORD my God, the God that hears all things, will hear me. [I thank thee for hearing me]. Let my praise come to thee with a sweet savour. O Father, let me fatten thy heart with joy and gladness. From the depths of my soul, I sing praises unto thee. Thou knowest, the joys of my heart delight in thy name. O precious LORD, awake my darling and come forth. Come forth with vigor and strength and let thy glory be lifted up. My joy is for the LORD. Make haste my love and stretch forth thy hand and receive my joy. From thy right hand you give to me, my love. And from my right hand I give to thee from thine own. You have fatten my heart with joy and gladness. All my veins flow with thy praise. Even my marrow rejoices in thy name. Let them praise the LORD. Let them come quickly and taste and know that the LORD is good. O rivers, why flow to and fro with joy? Give glory to God. Hills and valleys, why stand still? Give glory to God. Oceans of many waters, why jump for joy? Give glory to God. Give glory to the most High, who created the heavens and the earth and established thee from the beginning. O LORD, thou art the joy of the heavens and the earth. By thy name, they bow. They honour thee. Thou art the LORD of hosts, the glory of all glories. O magnify the LORD with me; for he is God. It is he who made us and not we ourselves. Let the LORD be praised. Everything that is with life praise the LORD. Let it be a joy to praise the LORD, to honour him, to obey him, to lift up his name in the highest. O LORD, I stretch forth my hands unto thee. Give to thy servant the desires of my heart. Anoint me with thy right hand. And for thy name’s sake let thy glory be magnified upon me. Let my joy bring glory to thy name. O LORD, thou knowest from whence I come. My hope is in thy hand. All that I am is because of you. I will praise thy name. I will bring joy to thy bosom and fatten it with gladness. Thou knowest that I will do it. Will thy hand not prevail, my Father? Will thy joy not remain, my God? Thy beauty shall blossom with glory. O LORD, how much joy will you put in my heart? My tears flow like many rivers. Great waters proceeded from me, O LORD. The joys of my soul honour thee. O my LORD, there is none like you. I will sing your praise; for you are worthy to be praise.

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