LORD, let thy name be lifted up with praise. Let thy joy be full and thy heart content. Let thy beauty blossom with glory. O my LORD, let my love encroach you and bring gladness to your soul. O Father, I am yours. And all that I am is because of you. I will bring joy to thee quickly. On the wings of eagles they shall come. Look for them my darling and know from whence they come. They come from the joy which you have put in my heart. My soul is like a drunken man with praise. I am laden with thy pleasures. I cannot contain them, nor will I try to restrain thy glory. Let thy name be praised. Let all that I do bring joy to your heart. Grant me my need, O LORD. Let the blessings of thy hand pleasure my soul. I will sing songs unto the LORD. My joy is upon the hill and who can bring it down? My glory beseech the LORD with a sweet savour. I speak the truth; for the LORD is with me and the glory of God is upon me. I will sing the praise of the LORD. Yea, I will make a joyful noise unto the LORD. I will shout. And when my joy is full I will make a great shout like a trumpet. In all the earth they shall hear what the LORD has done for me. He taketh away death and given me life. He taketh away my sins and giveth me glory. He removed my hopelessness and give me hope. My praise is the LORD. When I was weak he giveth me strength. When my heart was overcome with sorrow he removed it and put joy. When I was foolish he taught me his ways. O the counsel of the LORD, who can afford it? Out of his goodness and mercy he give to me. And with great mercy the LORD shew me favour. O the goodness of the LORD: I do not understand it. Who am I, O LORD, that you attend to my cause? You walk with me and talk with me and you lay your hand upon me. O Father, you are there to help me every step of the way. I speak thy name for thy name is a delight to my heart. My soul is with great joy. O LORD, you comfort me in thy bosom. I know the love of my God. Praise be unto thee, O LORD: let it not cease. Let it be a sweet savour for all generations. From everlasting unto everlasting thou art God. This is my hope. My hope is thy hand which shall not fail me; for the LORD my God liveth forever. And thou art faithful and true. Even to the ends of time thy hand shall carry me. And my praise shall seek thee with great reverence and joy. You are my God and thy name shall glory by my hand. So let it be, O LORD. So let it be. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory be to God. Glory be to his wonderful name. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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