LORD, bring down the kingdom of the wicked: let it be a desolation and a shame before thy eyes. But let the works of thy hand be a delight, and prosper in all the land. Even in Jerusalem thy works shall be a joy and a delight to thy people. Praise be to thy name, O LORD. Praise be to thy name, O King. By thy hand shall the wicked flee. A great desolation are they, before the LORD. Let their works of abomination fall into deep pits. Let it be a scorn before thee. But let the praise of thy right hand be a joy, a delight to the souls of the saints. Let the joys of thy right hand be exceedingly great. Thou art God, the Holy One of Israel, the LORD of hosts. By thy hand shall hope come. And evil works shall be destroyed by thy hand. High looks shall come down. Pride shall be throttled under thy feet. Thy name shall glory in the land. I speak the praise of my King. Let the joys of my heart be a delight to thy soul. Great glory is magnified in thy name. Thy works shall be declare in all the earth. We will proclaim thy liberty. And with vigor and strength shall we rise up to perform thy duty. Unto the LORD is hope. Thou art the blessed hope. The LORD prosper. His works are published to the ends of the earth. The people hear thy name, O LORD. Let my praise come to thee with a sweet savour. Let joy beseech thee. O Father, let gladness fill your heart. For thy name’s sake glory. Glory in the heavens and the earth. Glory in the heights and in the deep. Glory in the hills and the valleys. Glory on the hill of Zion. Thy praise shall not cease. The works of thy enemies are vanity. Great vanity rise up against thee. But the LORD shall bring them down into deep pits. Into deep pits shall they glory. And who shall lift them up? Is there any that liveth? Will a man seek the dead to do the work of the living? Let glory come to the living God. By his name shall man live of die. Let they that desire life forsake their wickedness. Let evil be pushed to the wayside and be forgotten. Let the light of the LORD be lifted up. Glory shall abound in thy midst, O LORD. Thy name shall prosper to the ends of the earth. Thou knowest the marvelous works of thy right hand. Surely, there shall be no evil on this land. Righteousness shall be lifted up. The land of the pure in heart shall be exalted. The land of the meek and the peacemakers shall glory. The land of the merciful shall inherit the praise of the LORD. They that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall glory and the works of the LORD shall be magnified greatly. Let praise come to the LORD. O great is the God who created the heavens and the earth. Let his name glory. Let his name glory in the heavens and the earth. To the ends of the earth let his name glory. O LORD my God, let thy name be praised. From everlasting unto everlasting, let thy name be praised. And they that rise up against thee, laugh at them; for they know not what they do. They run after foolishness and know not what shall befall them. They dwell in hopelessness and call it hope. They delight in sorrows and call it joy. Envy and jealousy have eaten up their souls. Great strife befall them. How can evil profit a man? Shall a man profit from deep pits? Will fire quench the desire of the wicked? They wage war but vain shall be their glory. The lifting up of the LORD shall be magnified in the heavens and the earth. I was send by the Almighty God. Surely the right hand of God shall prevail. Joy cometh in the morning and his praise shall follow the works of his right hand. The right hand of God is upon me. Know you not the works of righteousness? Who shall rise up before God and yet say, I am strong? Who shall rival God and then say, I am wise? Where is the wisdom of the fools? Into deep pits shall they find their wisdom. Who shall profit from the hands of the vultures? Who shall eat from their hands and live? For the works of their hands bringeth death. And the lifting up of their glory is vanity. But the works of righteousness is the LORD’s. Eat from the hand of God, and live. Let not your pride get in the way; for surely your pride shall not profit you. Let the LORD glory and let his name alone be praise.

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