Blessed art thou, O LORD. Blessed is thy holy name. Blessed is my Righteousness and my God. Blessed is my King who have given to me so freely and enlarge my presence with might. Power and strength is the LORD’S. Great glory comfort him. And what I give to thee is from thy great glory. All is thine, O God. By thy own hand thou created the heavens and the earth. The lifting up of thy glory is from thy own hand. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who have consider us in thy mercy. Thou art magnified greatly, yet thou consider us. Our days shall magnify thy glory and our praises shall bring gladness to thy heart.

Father, I thank you for your blessed hand upon my life. You have enriched my life in so many ways. Father, I am grateful for life, for your favours and your great mercy. O LORD, I am grateful for your healing hand, and for miracles. Who believe in the LORD shall see the power of this great God. O Father, I lift up my hand unto the heavens for thou art God. I lift up my right because the right hand of God is a strong hand. All thy riches abide in thy right hand. Thou art whom I glory. I glory in the great One upon the hill of Zion. I glory in the Holy One of Israel. I glory in JEHOVAH my God. I glory in the I AM THAT I AM. The Ancient of Days is my glory. Let the lifting up of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be without limits. O LORD, let my blessings fall on thee. Let them enrich thee, and impart upon thee an everlasting blessing. Let them abide; for the LORD my God is worthy. O Father; let them not forsake thee. Let thy name be exalted without measure. Let thy glory be magnified to the ends of the earth. O LORD, I give to you from thy great hand.

Thou art my glory, my majesty, and my hope. My praise is the LORD. Father, you have anointed me by thy own hand. O my glory, I lift up praises unto thee. Thy name shall be exalted above all names. And the glory of my God shall abound without ceasing. In all the earth, they shall hear thy name. El Shaddai my glory shall be magnified in all the earth. Thy name shall be praised: from everlasting unto everlasting thou art God. Thy Majesty and thy glory delight my soul. Thou knowest my thoughts unto thee. Mighty and Great is the LORD. In the heavens joy shall abound. The heart of my God shall be fatten with praises. Gladness shall swell up before him and comfort him. O LORD my glory, this day thy praise shall be exceedingly great. As you give to me, my Father, I give to you from thy greatness. Behold my God. Behold the everlasting God. Behold my righteousness, the redeemer of my soul. Let his name be treasured. Let his joy be magnified. O my glory, thou art my blessed Saviour. Let thy name rejoice.

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