If I send you my name with another image, is that not still my name, although the image is wrong? If I say my name is Michael and my Spanish friend call me Miguel (meaning Michael) in his language is that not still my name? Now if Yeshua is mentioned in a another language as Jesus (meaning the same thing) then why are we confused? The name is the same, we just need to change the image. We know Yeshua Hamashiach ( Jesus Christ) is of a darker completion than portrait, which was a deception of these evil men to esteemed themselves against us that are of Christ’s color. I say, which was a deception, because the truth is known. Now know this: even they will face the judgment of God for their evil deeds. Who shall escape the power of God? Is there any, and will his color save him? Yeshua is God. Do we see color or do we see Christ the light of the world, our Saviour? For this cause I have written to you that you may know that the Son of God did walk upon this earth, as a man of darker completion and this is the truth. If we know the truth, the truth will make us free. Not that we are going to put emphasis on the color of a man skin but on the character of that man. Evil come in all colors. And good come in all colors. God don’t look at color but he looks at the heart. Who are we who look after color but the heart is filthy? Who are we who esteem ourselves against another because of color? I come in Christ, the living God, in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and say to all of you, take heed lest you fall after the things that shall not profit you. For I look not at the outside but the inside.

For out of the heart proceeded evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies (Matthew 15:18).

When you stand before God he will not see a color. But what he will see is either light or darkness. He will see the corruption of your hearts and your deeds that shall condemn your souls, if you don’t change from your evil ways. It is well to know the truth. But let us understand the working of the Spirit. Let us understand what delights the heart of God, and what brings sorrows before him. I say to all of you, turn from your evil ways, and follow after righteousness. Follow after Christ who walked upon this earth in the flesh, in the image of the most High God, with indwelling hope, righteous and holy, and the perfection of glory. Let us follow after Christ, the Son of man, without fault, but whose character testifies to the glory of God. Waste not your time on the color of your skin; for I tell you the truth: your skin color will not save you. But to be redeemed in Christ, the living God, to be washed in his blood and be made whole is pleasing in the sight of God. Glory in these things. O Father, my God. Glory in the things that will profit you, and not hinder you before my eyes, thus saith the LORD. Lift up he that is with power and might and forsake not your brothers. Do good to all; for the God that created you also created your brother.

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