My blessed Saviour, if thou will walk with me, surely I shall be save. If thou will talk with me, truth shall seep into my veins. Then shall I rejoice, when my heart is fatten with thy truth, and even my marrow knows thy truth. I will walk in the liberty of the LORD and declare his truth. All that is heavenly shall I speak of on the earth. In spirit and in truth shall I proclaim the good works of God. This earth shall know by whose hand they glory and by whose hope shall they endure. The LORD is God. Even from the beginning, the LORD is God. There is no other God but him. And all that shall come are imposters, liars, thieves, murderers, deceivers of the truth. But the LORD my God is the everlasting God. His name alone shall glory: this truth is established forever. The LORD of hosts is our God and so shall it be. We shall look to the LORD, our hope upon the hill and with great glory shall we praise his name. Let us look to our Creator, who created all things for his glory, and lift up his name in the highest. Give glory to God. Give glory to whom glory is due. Remember the name of the LORD. As long as you live magnify his name in the heavens. I tell you the truth: there is nothing more important than praising the LORD! Believe this truth.

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