Praise be unto thee, O LORD! Thou art the everlasting glory and thy name shall be exalted. In all the heavens and the earth, let thy glory abound with greatness. With great delight I shall lift up thy name and those that stand against thee, I shall despise. If glory will come by thy hand then let it be so. Thy name is established in Zion and you shall govern with supremacy. Thou art LORD. Thou art my God. Merciful God, I lift up your name in Zion. I exalt thy name, O gracious God; for thou art worthy to be praised. Let this whole earth rise up and praise thy nsne; for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But you, O LORD, are without sin. Your are the perfection of glory. And yet in your mercies you shew us thy lovingkindness and take away all our sins. Thou art my honour and glory. Even my praise thou art. Thy name shall be exalted above all names. I shall rejoice in the LORD and lift up your honour and glory in Zion. I take pleasure in praising the name of the LORD. I shall joy in my King. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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