Beloved God in the heavens, I lift thy name that is I AM THAT I AM. Glory abound before thee. Great glory beseech my LORD. O my perfection of glory is in the highest. His dwelling place is holy. Upon the hill I look for thee. I look for my beauty, that I may lift up his honour and glory. The LORD is my beauty. In Zion his name is excellent in glory. Hope stood on High in righteousness. O my LORD, because of you we dwell in hope. The whole world look for thee, our blessed Saviour. El Shaddai my glory, let the lifting up of thy name be without measure. Let thy bosom be filled with joy. Great gladness shall dwell in thy heart. O LORD my glory, let thy mercy be exceedingly great before me. Because of thy favour towards me and thy excellent riches, I will exalt thy name. Daily shall I look for thee, my blessed hope. With joy shall I seek thee. And with thy blessed hand upon me, surely thy name shall glory. Thou knowest this, O LORD. I have not refrained from praising thee, nor I am ashamed to lift up thy honour and glory. Thou knowest I did not deny thee in the midst of the heathen. When thy glory did come upon me, did I not lift up my hand with praises? I stretch forth my right hand to praise thy name; for such a great glory did come upon me. I humbled myself in the midst of thy glory and exalt thy name. O how precious is thy name before me? Thou knowest. You have shown me thy way and thy beauty did magnify before me. Hope stood on the hill, on the high hill of Zion. And I lift up praises unto the LORD. O LORD, to whom I beseech, glorify yourself, my LORD. Let thy glory abound and let it not cease. Thou art my praise. Surely I shall rejoice in the LORD.

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