O great God, there is none like you, in the heavens or in the earth. Thy name is magnified greatly. Surely, the LORD my God, who have delivered me from the depths of hell shall glory. I will turn to him with praises and great exaltation. By his name, the heavens declare righteousness. Truth stood up on High, like a high tower. The glory of God abound tremendously. Marvelous is thy hand, O LORD. Thy right hand is highly esteemed. Terrible things in righteousness thou have performed. O how great is the right hand of God? By his hand all things were established. Even from the beginning, the glory of God abound greatly. There is no measure to his praise. I look to thee, O great God of Israel; for thou have comforted my soul in the day of trouble. When my enemies rise up against me, they prevail not. Thou confound them and make their ways to no avail. Their ways have fallen to the ground: they have all become vanity. Vanity of vanity, saith the preacher; all is vanity. Unless a man stand in truth before God, he is but vanity that shall be cast down into the deepest pit. Let thy name be exalted greatly, O great God of Abraham. When joy mount up on the wings of eagles, let them come to thee, O God. Let them call out thy name. Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD my God. O Father, my beloved Father, my praises for thee are without measure. Because of thy hand, O LORD, I prevail in this land among strangers. Thou have kept me under the shadow of thy wings, and nullified the works of the vultures. O God, who shall profit from their wickedness? Are they not weary to do evil? They take thy strength and thy mercy and cast it down into the pit. Thou art, O LORD God, excellent in glory and thy grace is upon this land. Bountiful grace thou did lay down in thy lovingkindness. Thy tender heart bring forth joy for thy children. Let the excellencies of my God be praised in all the land; for thy lovingkindness reaches the heavens. O great God, if thou consider me in thy great mercy, if thou favour me, let thy glory be magnified greatly. Let my soul rejoice in thy name and sing praises unto thee. Let truth seep out of my veins. Let my hands please you. O LORD, thou art my God. Who shall I turn to but thee, O God? Who have kept me, even from the beginning? You protected me, even when I knew not thy ways. For your glory and honour, let it be that I shall sing praises in thy name and lift up thy name in righteousness. For thou, O LORD, are magnified greatly. Yea, thou art everlasting unto everlasting God! Thou art my first love.

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