The LORD has done terrible things in righteousness. The sick came with sorrows and leave with joy. My eyes have seen the works of this great God. I cannot deny the works of God, but must give glory to God. It is he who heal the afflicted. It is he who answers my call in times of need. When I look to the LORD, my great and mighty God, terrible things in righteousness come forth. Who can heal the sick and take away all their afflictions but thee, O LORD? I testify to the four year old boy who speech were laboured with imperfection. When his mother stood before me, having gone to many doctors for help, to no avail, who were given numerous advice from others but nothing help. I said, God will help him: he loves little children. My God, thou did shew favour greatly. His mother came back in about two days, looking for me, to testify to the glory of the great and mighty God. Glory must abound by the throne of God; for by his hand he giveth mercy to the afflicted. Let his name excel with glory. O LORD, remember the man who came and could not even carry a small bag. He was in so much pain and could not walk with ease. Yea, he came back within one week, walking like a strong man, to testify to the glory of God. I said to him, the LORD will help you. O LORD, glory must come to thee. Let them flood thy presence, O God. How many you have healed, my LORD? When they come with bad report from the doctors, did not my God show his power? O great and mighty God, terrible things thou have done for thy people. O Father, so much you have done: I can speak of thy praises for the rest of my life if thou will allow me many years and it will not be enough. I thank you, my LORD. Glory will come to thee continually. Let the whole world hear of this good God. He shew mercy to strangers. He lift up the lowly. He comforts the weeping, the sorrowful. O LORD my God, let my testimonies rise up with glory and lift up the great King of Zion. He giveth life to the dead, and joy to the sorrowful. Those that are cast away, without hope, thou restored their hope with great mercy and grace. There is none like you, O LORD. There is none like my great God who does terrible things in righteousness. Blessed be the name of the LORD, whose mercy endureth forever! Blessed art thou, O LORD, forever and ever. Amen.


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