Son of man, when the land sin against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch forth my hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it (Ezekiel 14:13).

Where do you run and hide from the judgment of God? This is just the beginning and wise men are lost for words. Their wisdom has become confused with the works of God in the land. The whole earth is talking about war. Their quest to insert their power is nothing short of a joke. The world is being consumed with drought: everywhere people are panicking. The rich are eagerly preparing for the worst but the poor and foolish are watching social media and doing nothing. They believe that if they sit still and don’t think about it it will just go away. But wise men faith in God is not dead faith. Wise men act on the word of God: they listen to him, that they may endure in his mercy. The children of righteousness hearken to the word of God but the wicked will perish. They stand on a sinking ship and not on the rock of God. If God is guiding you, why resist his guidance? O rebellious people, what shall become of you? We are living in the last days. Open your eyes and believe. What shall it profit an unbeliever in the evil day?

Perilous times will come. The last time I check, perilous does not mean happy, nor does it mean joyful. It actually means very dangerous, terrible for those who would prefer this word. Would you stand before a moving train and say, It shall be well with me? Then why do you believe that if you do nothing you will escape the destruction that is coming your way? A mad man might do nothing. A foolish man might pretend that everything is ok. But a wise man would observe the signs of the time: he would remember the words of God that says, This know also that, in the last days perilous times shall come (2 Timothy 3:1). And he will take heed and prepare. Preparing does not mean not trusting God. Wise men prepare for the coming of God. Preparing means listening to the word of God and living in his wisdom. It is good to have faith. But faith without work is dead. When was the last time you tempted God and stand in front of a moving train? Will you also stand in a corner of a room and do nothing believing that God will bring you food and water, when he actually tell you the signs of what is to come, that you may take heed and establish yourselves and give thanks and praises unto the LORD for his goodness and mercy. Is God not making himself clear enough by giving you a glimpse of what shall come upon this earth? Stand in the wisdom of God, those who trust in the LORD. Living with faith is taking action when God is showing you and telling you to make haste and not wait on the storm. My friends, the storm is coming and no one will be able to stop it. These things must come to pass. I stand with truth, with my God and my Christ, and say to the whole world, take heed; for the judgment of God is upon this earth. Let not the days pass you by foolishly living with reckless hope and dead faith. Call on the LORD my God and ask him to guide you into this truth, that you may endure in the day of famine when evil shall come upon this earth. Truth is the judgement of God is already upon this earth, and his wrath shall kindle in the days to come. May God be with all of you. May his mercy beseech you. May he comfort you with wisdom, to act wisely, that you may look to the heavens and lift up your hands with praises to the LORD our God. May the peace of God find all of you. May the glory of God abide with you.

Blessed be the LORD my God, for his goodness and mercy towards me. Blessed are they who understand the lovingkindness of God, even in the midst of his judgment.


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