LORD, who shall be lifted up in Zion, but thee, O LORD? Whose name shall endure with the treasures of honour and truth, but thee? Thy name shall be crown great King forever, majestic in glory, the delights of all nations, the light that shineth forever and ever. Amen. My heart rejoices in thy name, O blessed God. Thy excellencies are without measure. My praises unto thee are not in vain. Thou art the winner. I praise the victor, even from the beginning. Thy truth thou did put in my heart. Thy wisdom beseech me. I labour not in vain; for I labour in the true God. I give glory to the God of everlasting truth. The hope of Zion is magnified in glory. O LORD my God, my great God, thy name is established in truth. All that are in the heavens and the earth are built on truth. In righteousness thou have done marvelous things. They remain and give praises unto the LORD. O LORD God, they have hope in a great God. Power and glory are bountiful in thy hand. O blessed LORD, my everlasting God, be exalted without limits. Let thy glory blossom in all the earth. Let the waters of the seas honour thee. With mighty waves let them give glory to thy name. With songs of joy let thy glory be magnified. The LORD is one God. All the power and glory belongs to him. Sing songs of jubilation unto his mighty name. The LORD God has made glad the hearts of many. He poured out his mercy before them. My glory, let my thanks beseech thee, now, O LORD God. Thou have shown compassion. Because of thy tender love the people praise thy name. O LORD, I give thee glory. I speak of my God and his faithfulness. Thou art my precious love, in whom I delight. I treasure thee, O LORD, more than the riches of the world. O LORD, silver and gold cannot compare to my love for thee. Thou knowest that I have not chased after these things. I regarded not vanity as virtue. A more excellent way is to delight in the LORD. The LORD will pour his riches in our hearts. Our souls are rich with the blessings of the LORD. He favour us and shine his light upon us. O the glory of God, who can contain it? The lifting up of his name is excellent in all the land. Beauty, I call out thy name with joy. O LORD, I make a great shout in the land, that they may hear the word of the LORD and come forth with praises of joy. The lifting up of thy glory is greatly esteemed. The glory of the LORD is adorned with beauty. Let his name be praised forever. Let the blessings of the LORD be exceedingly great.

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