Blessed art thou, O LORD, who have girdled me with thy grace and covered me with thy mercy, who favour me among men, and caused my heart to rejoice. Blessed is my King in Zion, my hope, my righteousness, my God. To thy name, O LORD, which is precious, eternally great, full of power and all glory, righteous and holy, which abideth in truth forever and ever, full of life and love and light, merciful and full of grace, blessed be thy name, forever and ever. Amen. Because you have given me hope and have caused my soul to rejoice, I bestow glory upon thee, praises magnified without measure. To the ends of the earth, the LORD shall glory: I shall make sure of it. Because the LORD has been good to me I shall be good to him. The LORD considered me when I cried out in the depths of sorrows. He wiped my tears away and comforted me in the heavens. In his bosom my soul rejoices with pleasure. O the love of God, I will not let go of it. I have said to the LORD, wherever thou go there shall I also go. Girdle me by my loins and attach me to thy hip. Let my praises be near to thee, O LORD, and comfort thee. You have been so good to me. Let thy name be praised forever and ever. Amen. You have not withheld your blessings from me. O blessed Saviour, I adore you. He has shown me his riches: I delight in them. The LORD is exalted without measure. His name is established in truth. Even from the beginning thou art glory, O LORD. Thou art my precious love, my darling. Thou knowest how thy name is highly esteemed. Thou art cloaked with honour and truth. Mercy is all around thee. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? There is none who shall prosper but thee. In thy wisdom thou created the earth and with with understanding the heavens were established. Thou art magnified in glory. I will lift up the name of the most High God. I will shout a loud shout to the ends of the earth. He that is asleep shall awake. They shall hear of the great God and rejoice. The glory of the LORD is highly esteemed. Who is like unto our God? Who say things that are right and bring forth his wonderous works? Who is this God, my great God? He stretch forth the heavens like a curtain. And he ride upon the heavens by the name JAH. The LORD is God. Magnify the name of the LORD with me. Sing songs unto Zion. Let thy voices be heard. Make a great shout to the heavens. Awake all thy sleepeth and give glory to God. Praise his name in the highest. Be glad and lift up praises unto the LORD. He is our great God who sheweth mercy to us. He feed us and cloth us. He shelter us under the shadow of his wings. O the compassion of God. He renew his compassion daily and give us hope. This God is full of lovingkindness. I will praise his name with joy. O yea, I tell you the truth. I will lift up my hand unto the LORD and magnify his name. Even in the midst of the heathen my God shall glory. I will sing songs of jubilation, songs of thanksgiving. My praises shall be excellent before him. Joy shall seep into his bosom. I speak of the love of my God. Hear me, O children of Israel, and magnify the LORD with me. Give glory to whom glory is due. Honour God and he will honour you.

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