LORD, let thy name be praised. Thy name is not cast off to the side like the things that burden us. We adore you and follow after your ways. We speak of thy lovingkindness, but withhold not thy judgments. Thy judgments we cherish: they keep us walking upright. Our hearts rejoice in thy precepts. How excellent they are before us? My precious LORD, we take heed and cling to thee like little children cleave to their mother’s breast. You are our sustenance, our source of strength. Goodness cometh from thy hand. O LORD my God, my everlasting glory, bring hope and let us look to the light. Let us rejoice in our hope of righteousness. My LORD, thou giveth good gifts. We rejoice with gladness; so generous is thy hand towards us. Father, we look to thee with praises. Our exaltation is in thy salvation. How glorious is thy mercy towards us? We delight in it and lift up thy name in Zion. The whole earth roar with praises. Hear the shout, O LORD God. From the ends of the earth, thou art praised. Thy name is glorified forever. I am glad, O LORD my God. Thou knowest how my heart rejoices in thy praises. Because thou maketh me to walk in liberty I rejoice with them that rejoice in the LORD. I glory in them that glory in the LORD. And those that dishonor thee I fight them. I fight them fiercely without fear. They are my perfect enemies. Those who love the LORD I uplift and praise. I rejoice in the goodness of thy people. And those that detest thee, I speak of thy truth and give warning of thy judgment. Thou art terrible in righteousness. And who shall withstand thy wrath? Let all men fear God: this is wisdom. To depart from evil is understanding. The LORD is glory: look to the LORD, our hope. In his hand there is rejoicing. I have seen the ways of the LORD; I cleave to them: they are wonderful. The delights of the LORD bring gladness to his people. Let us praise the LORD together. Let us bring gladness before his throne. Make haste and come with me to lift up the glory of God. O how my soul delights in praising the LORD. My heart is full of joy; even the marrow of my bone rejoices. This is our purpose to give glory to the LORD. Wise men understand these things and they shall live forever pleasing God. Blessed art thou, O LORD, the light that shineth in Zion forever.

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