All my friends are lovers of God. But my enemies are pretenders who hate God and yet they want to enter his kingdom. They dishonor God and yet they want him to honour them. Do you not know that God honours those who honour him?…” For them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed” (1 Samuel 2:30). O fools, when will you learn wisdom? The heart of the wicked has no wisdom, nor will you find in it righteousness. The glory of the LORD is exceedingly great in the eyes of the righteous. But the wicked forfeit the rejoicing of the LORD. The righteous are glad to praise God, and honour him. Their hearts delight with joy. Excellent things proceed from their mouths. They lift up the heavens with his praises. The LORD is a joy to our souls. But he who flee from the ways of the LORD corrupt himself in lies. His truth has become a desolation. All his thoughts are vanity; they go down into the pit. They corrupt everyone who walks close by. But they that love the LORD, their thoughts are excellent towards him. They praise the LORD, day and night. They bless him, and call out his name in honesty. O the LORD my God, the glory of my soul, thy praise is my glory. Surely this day he shall rejoice. In the morning I shall look for him and when the night has come I shall not forsake him. My heart is full of love, when I remember the ways of the LORD. I remember, the day I said, LORD, if I still find favour with thee, then thou shall hear me. Thou did hear me and confirmed the joys of my heart. O LORD, thou did come quickly. My heart beams with joy; for I know that the LORD is my God. I walk in the confidence of thy right hand. Who art thou, O LORD God, who have steady my path in righteousness? Thou art the most High God. I praised thy name with joy. Among the heathen I lifted up thy glory. My hand rose with jubilation. I stretch forth my right hand unto the heavens. The delights of my heart greatly increased to praise the LORD. The LORD is my God. And my praises towards the heavens shall delight his soul. The desires of my heart are with excellent thoughts towards the LORD. The LORD help me when the afflicted stand before me. When the hopeless stood in thy servant’s path, I seek thy help. Thou did render mercy. The joys of my heart blossomed. I did say before the people, my God speaks to me. O how he loves you and attend to your need. My LORD will glory; for I have seen the ways of the LORD. I have seen his goodness and mercy. The lovingkindness of the LORD is exceedingly great. Who can search it out? The whole earth prospers in thy lovingkindness. Thou art the LORD our God. Thy name shall be praised forever. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who speaks to me daily and favours me passionately.

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