Great God, in thy mercies I lift up thy honour and glory. To heights without measure, let the LORD my God be lifted up. With a multitude of glory shall my joy come forth before him. Blessed is this God, this great God, who has kept me, even now. Let my praises magnify your name in all the earth. O beauty my darling, the joys of thy heart shall blossom. Thy praises are magnified. Thy name is greatly exalted. Let the whole earth lift up thy name with gladness. The joys of heaven shall be lifted up. The LORD is our God, the hope of Israel and Zion. This is joyful to my soul, the everlasting comfort shall prevail. My soul is enlarged in the multitude of his comfort. My thoughts unto thee are marvelous and highly esteemed. Like the heights of heaven, they are lifted up in glory. This truth is before the throne of my God. It is magnified in glory. O LORD, the delights of all nations, the riches of thy salvation is greatly increased. Glory abound infinitely in thy midst. To the majestic God, the LORD of hosts, thanksgiving and praises without end. Because of thy gracious and loving hand, my praises shall be multiplied tremendously. The LORD is God. My God on High shall glory. His ways are established of old. Surely, the joys of the LORD are everlasting unto everlasting. Amen. By his hand shall Israel prosper. The whole earth shall praise the name of the LORD. Men marvel at his works. O how they marvel. Day and nighty, wise men have turned into fools; for they do not understand the glory of God, nor do they know the finite things and the infinite things. The glory of God is infinite. How can a man search these things of God. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who is infinitely rich with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. My joy is enlarged in my heart. My soul rejoices with excitement. The pleasures of the LORD in his excellencies shall blossom. The LORD is great and there is none who can search out his greatness. Yea, the LORD is great and there is none who can search out his greatness. He is Almighty God. Why do the foolish not understand these things? Will vanity prosper in the midst of arrogance? Will the brutish rejoice in the things they do not understand? Who shall partake of the desolation of men: what shall they reap then? The joys of the LORD are infinitely rich with hope. We believe by faith that he is God, the all knowing God who created the heavens and earth and all therein, the seen and the unseen. How can a man search the unseen things of God? How can they say, We will search the heavens to find the origin of creation? They have all gone mad and shall not find what they hope for. But their evil shall befall them and then they shall know the LORD God Almighty is God. If a man lack wisdom shall he not ask God? Who is wise but him who believe God and fear him? For the day will come when the wise shall become foolish and the foolish wise. Who then shall glory, but the foolish? For the foolish believe in the Sovereignty of God, and humble themselves before him. But the wise say, Let us play God: We will not believe our eyes; nor will we say, We are just mortal men, infidels that shall wither away and die. And like the dust shall they become; who shall glory then? The hope of righteousness is the LORD. It is better for a man to desire righteousness than evil. Yet those who say they are wise desire evil and the foolish desire righteousness. Who then is wise before God? The foolish who run after righteousness shall glory, like a drunk man shall they be filled with the glory of God. But they who say, We are wise, and run not after God: their glory shall go down in the deepest pit. The LORD is my God. I tell you things that my Spirit has stirred up within me. Wisdom is to fear God. And to depart from evil is to have understanding. Let every wise man keep this in his heart, that he may not become a fool in the presence of God.

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