Blessed art thou, LORD Jesus, who is righteous and true. For thy name’s sake the whole earth yet remain. Thou art the sustenance of every living thing. This is thy power and thy glory, a measure of thy greatness. By thy hand man shall live or die. The LORD God Almighty is mighty indeed. Surely his name shall be established in the heavens and the earth. Even now shall the LORD be worshipped and honoured and glorified. The righteous shall bless him. And the delights of their hearts shall be magnified with joy. They shall remember his goodness and mercy and give thanks unto his blessed name. O LORD, my excellent God, thou knowest our thoughts towards thee. Even from the beginning, thou knowest who shall praise thy blessed name, who shall delight in the LORD, and lift up your honour and glory. In all the land let our praises unto thee be with beautiful treasures of our souls, rich with the blessings of thy salvation, magnifying thy precious name. Let the heavens give up its glory; for who shall prosper, lest they prosper by his hand? For he numbered the stars and called them by name. O the great and mighty God is my God. Truly, El Shaddai, my glory, shall blossom. The I Am That I Am shall be magnified. The blessed hope of righteousness shall endure forever and ever. Amen. The joys of my heart are magnified greatly. Because the LORD has done so great a work, glory shall beseech him. A multitude of praises shall make haste to lift up his holy name. O LORD my glory, to thee, O LORD, which is excellent before me, let my songs and the melodies of my heart make glad thy heart. Thou knowest the depths of my heart. Even my stubbornness against them thy opposed thee, my persistence to honour thee thou knowest, that I shall make known of thy name, and have no fear of man. This is your doing; for I knew not your way, nor follow after thee until thou visited me in thy mercy and comforted me in my sorrows on that faithful day, when my cries were heard in heaven. Thou have turned my weeping into gladness. Thou have caused me to removed my slackcloth and looked to my Saviour, my redeemer, my rock. Who can contain thy joy? Or who can hide the works of thy hand? Zion did rejoiced that day, even thy holy temple glory. O Father, thy hand laid down oil upon me and now I call out thy name with boldness, knowing that the LORD my God shall glory. Thy goodness cannot be measured. And how marvelous is thy hand towards us? You have put righteousness in me and stirred up my heart to follow after thee. Thy delights please me. O LORD, thou knowest this truth, how I praise thee with gladness. The joys of heaven have beseeched me; thy hand is glory. I have eaten from thy hand and drunk thy water. My praises shall be excellent before thy throne. Glory shall abound bountifully before thee. In thy midst, thou shall be highly esteemed. Without measure shall I praise thy name. Thou have caused my soul to rejoice and adhere to my voice. Surely thy name is great.

Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable (Psalm 145:3).

Great is the God on High. My thanks to thee are greatly enlarged. Thou put thy Spirit in me and caused my heart to burn with praises for thee. My soul delights in the LORD; for he has bring salvation to me and I cannot run from it. My days have gone from hopeless to hopeful. The LORD has lifted up my glory from the depths of sorrows to the heights of joy. The LORD is magnified; for today, I testify of the goodness of God, and his saving hand. This God shall glory. I have seen his ways and I tell you the truth. There is none that can deliver but God Almighty. Call on the name Jesus today; for today is the day of salvation. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who graciously give so abundantly. I shall praise his name and give thanks unto the LORD. Glory shall abound in the presence of the LORD. To him, glory without end, glory magnified in truth, forever and ever. Amen.

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