Blessed art thou, O LORD, who have heard the voice of my rejoicing and delight in my praises. Blessed is my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ who have shown me the way and taught me truth. Because of his goodness and mercy towards me, I shall lift up his name without measure. The joys of heaven shall be greatly increased. My God shall be exalted, even in the midst of the heathen. Know you not that the words of my God are true? Surely, I shall not be moved by the violence that come against me. The lifting up of his praises in all the heavens and the earth shall be greatly magnified. This day, the treasures of my heart shall sing songs of praises. The LORD is my God. Even from the beginning, the LORD is my God. What then shall the wicked say? For the exaltation of the LORD shall be a perpetual thing. Will not the works of my God upon this land prosper? I tell you the truth: I am a soldier of righteousness. I will lift up the name of the LORD my God. And who shall rage war against my God shall become a desolation. Let the heavens rejoice and give glory to God. Let the songs of their praises blossom with gladness. The whole world shall hear of this rejoicing and shall not stand still. Everywhere is the glory of God. The depths shall give up its praises. Rivers shall dance with vigor, praising his holy name. Mountains shall stand strong. They shall stand with boldness and lift up his mighty name. Let the whole earth roar with excitement. Yea, let them delight in the greatness of our God. The joys of my heart is like fire. O the glory of God, who can contain it? Who shall even consider it? There are things that are not known to the foolish. Even the wicked do things in vain. But to delight in the LORD, to lift up his glory, is more precious than gold. All the riches in the world cannot compare to the delights of the LORD. I shall bless his name. Yea, and I shall proclaim a great call in all the earth to lift up praises unto the LORD. There are things that wise men know. And one is: the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Let all be wise to know this. Let the whole world glory in this, that in the evil time they shall find comfort in it. To God be glory, exceedingly rich, magnified without measure. For all generations, the great and mighty God shall be praised.

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