Father, the joys of thy hand has caused many bosoms to glory. Our hearts are enlarged by thy hand. O Father, our lips are graced with sweetness. Melodies of wonderful songs come before thee. We sing sweet music for our God. Like music from a harp, our songs of praises are excellent before thee. We desire no other way but to honour thee, to lift up thy glory, to bring gladness to thy heart. O LORD, thou knowest, the tenderness of our hearts; we follow after thee. O LORD, lead us in thy straight path, that we may look to thee with songs of rejoicing. Our God is excellent before us. Our God is in heaven. Holy art thou, O LORD. In thy dwelling place, thou art the fairest of them all. We bow to thee; we reverence thee; we honour thee; we worship thee. Thou art our light. Like a beacon of light, we look to thee. Like a high tower, thou stand tall. Our eyes are lifted up to the heavens; our hearts bow down to the ground. We run after thee, O LORD; for everywhere we look there is vanity. Thou art our God who have steady our paths and turned our crocked ways straight. We oblige in the mercies of thy hand, and in thy lovingkindness. My glory, let Zion praise the name of the LORD. Let them make haste. Tarry no more and rejoice in the name of the LORD my God. He is our hope. Thy hope is a blessed hope. Who shall glory, but thee, O LORD? The joys of our bosoms blossom with gladness. They say, Why jump for joy? We say, It is because of our God. Upon the hill he stand strong. With strength he delivered us from bondage. His right hand is a strong hand. Our rock remains forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, our rock abideth in truth. O let the glory of our God be magnified. Today, we shall lift up his name in the heavens. Shall the earth stay still and not rejoice in the LORD? For I have seen many days, O how the earth rage with excitement to praise the name of the LORD. Make haste, you earth; roar with excitement and lift up the LORD my God. O Father, for thy name’s sake, the joy of my bowels flow like rivers of living water. Glorious is the LORD. Who shall be praised but thee, O LORD? The LORD shall be praised forever. Yea, forever and ever his glory shall be magnified. We shall be joyful in the exaltation of our God. The beauty of holiness is beautiful indeed. The LORD is our beauty of holiness. My heart is made glad: the LORD shall glory. Blessed is the name of the LORD. He keeps us in safety. We rejoice with gladness and praise his blessed name.


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