Blessed art thou, O LORD, whose name is above all names, whose glory is exceedingly rich, and extend thy blessed hope to all the world. The God who enrich the joys of the lonely and restore the souls of man is my God. For in thy mercies thou sent thy beloved Son to save us from bondage. The God of liberty and freedom is my God. O glory, my joy, my hope in the heavens and in the earth, let thy name be exceedingly rich with praises. Let the joys of the waters in the heavens and the earth praise thy name. Let the depths that man have not known give praises to the LORD. The heights that is unknown to man shall praise thy name. The joys of thy hand shall not be compare with another. Thou art God all by thyself. If the heavens shall lift up thy glory, then let it be known that this is the LORD’S doings who kept them in his glory: they rejoice by his hand and magnify his name. They glory by his hand who has caused their days to prosper. He displayed his beauty so wonderfully and causes the lights to blossom. The joys of his hand marvel the hearts of men and who shall know the end of it? O blessed hope, on High, thou have established their ways that they may glory. They remain in his tender mercies. O Father, thou art the joys of the heavens. In truth he declare things that are right. The LORD is magnified. By his hand shall all things glory. Those who hope in the LORD shall not hope in vain.

Everywhere is the LORD’S glory. Upon the many waters of the sea, his glory is magnified. And who has deck this land with such beauty? This is the LORD’S doings. The omnipotent God is decked with glory. Mercy and truth is around his neck. His spoken words never return void. O Father, mountains move at your command. In Spirit and in truth shall they not oblige? My love, the joys of thy hand shall blossom. The glory of the LORD is magnified. Let every fabric of my being glorify thy name. Let every living thing praise the LORD. He is the blessed One, the faithful One, the true and living God. He is my God and I cannot deny his mighty name. The hand that save willingly shall he not glory? His name shall be exalted! The goodness of God beseech me. O how I pray that all shall come to know the glory of God. If only man shall taste from his hand, they shall glory. The goodness of God shall encroach them and his lovingkindness shall be magnified before them. Let us lift up the name of the LORD. He sheweth mercy to all the world. Who is deserving of life, lest the LORD Jesus Christ save him? Let the LORD glory. In all the land, let his name glory. This is a good God. He provides for us daily and help us in our times of need. We shall lift up his name above the circle of the earth, with the excellencies that graced our souls we shall magnify his name. Yea, this shall be our joy to praise the name of the LORD. For ever shall his heart rejoice with gladness.

In his wisdom he shew us his glory. Look and see the extent of his joy: his works are everywhere. O the joys of his hand, surely they shall lift up his glory. Like eagles rushing to its pray to devour it, so shall they make haste. O LORD, my excellent God on High, my beauty in heaven, who light up my morning with joy, that I sing songs of praises to thee, let thy name be praised forever. Let the will of God have hope on this earth. Yea, as it is in heaven so let it be done on earth. For by his great name, without limits in glory, shall he bring judgment on this earth that they shall know that he is righteous. O LORD, who shall answer our prayers for mercy when everywhere we turn our eyes behold evil? Wickedness is everywhere, she has gripped the souls of nations and who shall remove themselves from her? O great God, hear my plead, O LORD, and save us from the jaws of destruction. Bring hope in our midst. Let us stretch forth our hands to praise thy name in thy mercy. O Father, remember your goodness in the days to come. And in the evil day, let not your lovingkindness depart from us. My LORD, my hope is in thy hand. In thy name I give unto thee praises; for who shall save but the LORD? The LORD will remember us. He shall not make us run to and fro like mad men, nor shall he cause us to be drunken with despair. In his tender love we shall yet praise his name. Yea, we shall look up to the heavens and give glory to God.

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