O LORD our God, who is like unto thee? Thou art the God of wisdom and mercy and truth. Thou art esteemed without measure. The hope of righteousness is excellent in all the land. Thou art the hope of righteousness. Thy name, O LORD God, is excellent in glory. The depths of my soul know this truth. The heights of mountains rejoice in thy name. Thou have made them to stand tall like a high tower. Thou give them hope in thy strength: they abide in it, and glory. LORD thou have made the oceans: they sing songs. Listen to the song of their waves: they will not stop. Continually they rejoice in thy name. Once did thou commanded the water to not go unto the land and did they not abide in thy truth? Even now my God, thy spoken word remain. The Spirit of the living God speaks truth. Thy word is truth. Thou art glory; thy name is magnified with praises. O LORD, thy precious hand has made the galaxies, rich with thy beauty. O how they move so graciously, everyone obedient to thy name. Thy name is exalted, my God. Truth shall lift up thy honour and glory. Thy name is TRUTH. Thou did speak truth and instruct the waters to not flow unto the land. O the power of thy glory, there is none like thee. Because thou art God, thy name shall glory forever. Yea, I have seen the things of thy hand; there is no denying of this truth? Thou established thy truth in the entire universe, in the Spirit that is excellent in glory, magnified with the blessings of the LORD. My God, there is none like you. Who counsel you, O LORD; did they shew thee knowledge and understanding and give thee wisdom? Did they pour righteousness into thy soul and caused thy heart to rejoice? Thou art righteous, O LORD God, even before the beginning of the world. Holy is thy name. O Father, the depths of thy glory is infinitely great. Holiness and righteousness abide with thee. Thy name shall glory: I have said it. You have put this in my soul, O LORD. My veins flow with this truth. In all the earth, thy glory shall abound. The heaven of heavens shall rejoice in this truth. O LORD my God, let thy hand remain upon me; thou have caused my soul to rejoice. Let my praises be a sweet savour before thy throne. Let thy joy be magnified forever. O LORD, teach me your way, that I shall walk in thy righteousness and in thy truth and lift up thy name forever.


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