My love, thy beauty has encroached my heart. My thoughts are like the joys of sunshine when I think of you. How much more is thy beauty than all that grace this earth? Did not the heavens rejoice in thy name? They praised thee with gladness. Their joys are sweeter than honey: they magnify thy soul. Thou art the glory upon this earth. Thy footsteps leave a trail of perfection. Those who follow thee shall prosper. You shall enrich their lives with hope and faith. In righteousness shall thy glory be magnified. Truth shall rise up to the heavens and remain. Thy name is TRUTH. O glory, my love, thy hand is the source of gladness. If only they shall taste of thee, O LORD, they shall desire more. Who shall eat from thy table and not glory? Shall the hope of ten thousand stars even compare to thy glory? Thy infinite wisdom has spun the globe. Understanding without limits is in thy hand. Look at the beauty of thy soul, my love. Even the beauty of lilies cannot compare with thy beauty: shall they not speak among themselves: how wonderful is his hand? Shall they become jealous of thy beauty and speak of thy love that blossoms all over the earth? My glory, my glory, who would have known such glory? Your sweet love, so tender and kind, has blossom before my eyes. Men thirst for thee more than water. They drunk from the well and yet thirst. O my darling, give them drink that they may not thirst anymore; for living water shall spring out of their bellies. Make glad the hearts of the poor and needy. Give strength to the weary. Let thy hope seep into the veins of the hopeless. O LORD my God, feed the hungry my darling. Who shall rise up like sunshine in the morning dawn? Our hope is in thee. Who shall bring forth dewdrops and water the land? Rain has fallen; like many rivers they water the land. My beauty, birds chirp sweet songs: they sing thy praises: O how sweet they are? Joys of heaven delight thy soul. My love for thee has come a full. Just the thought of thy name feeds my soul with gladness. If thy name is exalted then shall the delights of the heavens magnify thy glory. They are weaved like fine linen, spun out with beauty. Like the rose of Sharon shall not thy beauty be magnified? All delight in vanity, lest they delight in thee, O LORD. For what joy shall the craftsmen have if your did not put your skill in their hands? And who shall sing sweet melodies if you did not put honey on their lips? O my darling, feast in thy honey; for sweet is thy heart. Like a rock that sprung out water, who shall thirst anymore? Perfection is thy name. The excellencies of truth are in thy hand. Majesty is poured out of thy soul. O how beautiful is thy soul? Taste of his glory, the joys that blossom forever. O my love, stay close to me that I may look upon thy beauty. My sweet love, our days together has taken me from the valley to the hill of joy. Upon the hill shall I look for my joy. My darling, my songs are for you. Dance with me my love. And let me embrace you and never let you go.

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