My beloved LORD Jesus Christ: Thou have made my beauty to shine and considered me like a dawn of sunshine. Because of thy goodness and mercy, I shall praise thy name with gladness. With the joys of rivers, mountains, and valleys, thy praises shall be magnified. The whole earth shall speak of thy goodness and mercy. Even thy judgments they shall embrace with gladness. The delights of the LORD are many. Surely my days are not enough to lift up his glory. My LORD, thou art the everlasting God who shew me thy salvation and because of that thy praises will never end. Let glory come to the LORD. Let them come quickly. Yea, full his bosom with joy. Call out your friends; tell them about his saving strength. O how he saves sinners from damnation. He shew them a better way and cause them to walk in righteousness. O LORD, truly thy hand is beautiful. You have shown me how beauty is supposed to be. I have seen beauty. I have seen my LORD and my God. Let the whole earth seek this God, that he may enrich their lives with his beauty. The LORD is magnified in this truth. Surely the hand of God is righteous. In his righteousness he sent his beloved Son, that we may eat his body and drink his blood, and scantify ourselves in his name. O blessed LORD, my God in heaven, let thy praises never cease. Let the joys of thy hand be exceedingly rich. Thy mercy abideth in truth. Yea, truth cometh from thy mouth. Thy word is truth. Eat the words of the LORD and live. Glory in that, that you may dwell in hope. Let the righteousness of Christ seep into your veins. Repent of your sins; call out his name, and let him be your God. Honour him; obey him; worship him. Praise his blessed name in the highest. The joys of heaven have beseech me. The hand of beauty is upon me. Let the LORD be magnified. Yea, let his name be exalted above all names. Glory is the LORD my God. Truly I tell you, the LORD my God is the everlasting God.


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